Korea Fashion – Colourful skinny jeans are “IN”!


Colourful is the main element in Korean fashion now! Colourful skinny jeans are the latest “must-have” for korean fashionistas~ ^^ The skinny jeans also come in different designs to perk up the fashion sense. The checkers design is definitely the “loudest” among all. Personally, I like the pink checkers design! It’s cute and can be easily matched with any plain tops!

Stay colourful in this season despite all the glooms around! Cheerios~~ ❤

Korean language class


(Thanks to 수경 for making this cute pic! one of my fav pic ^^)

Phew! My Korean language class is getting harder! >< The level i am studying currently at Singapore Korean School is Intermediate 2… The textbook and workbook for this level onwards are in Korean language… It’s real tough but I gonna work harder to keep it up!!! Thank you to my current teacher (한샘) who put in great efforts in teaching and entertaining the class ❤ ^^ And also constantly showering us with encouragement to speak more in class… I hope i won’t disappoint her~

아자아자 화이팅!!! ^^

Today i have made the final decision to go to our school camp… 수경 & 야회, thanks for all the smiles and support that you have given me always!!! 사랑해~ ❤ let’s plan a trip to Korea together in the near future ok (with Jerlyn)!!! ^^ *muacks*

Korea Fashion – Play with Colours! (3 Fav Fashion Picks)

3 of my fav fashion picks of colours combi! ^^

the one with black hat: though her whole concept is of black, white and grey colours elements, very basic… but her dual colours leggings strikes attention immediately…  her black cap is also a attention-catching element! i would say her style is more of cool and “character” style ^^ i give it a 3.5/5 stars ❤

the one with straw hat: her theme is totally of beautiful spring season… personally, i love her light yellow pants! it gives a great sunshine feel and brightens up the whole dressing! ^^ her style suits any girls! *ps: you’ll need to wear high heels in order to give an overall “distinctive” feel! pumps are a no-no!! i give it a 4/5 stars ❤

the one with green hat: no doubt… i love this combi the most~ because of the striking green colour cap and yellow shirt! ^^ though the yellow top looks plain, the design of purple bats are rather “creative”… being fashionable is also being creative… mix and match colours is part of the “creative” and fun process!! i give it a 4.5 stars ❤

hope you’ll like my 3 picks!! will bring more in again soon~~~ ^^

Korea Fashion Insight ^^


i love this theme~ its concept is a typical high school gal…
its combination of double lines on the outer sweater makes it feel vibrant.. ^^ and if you notice the model wearing 2 hairbands, it’s a fashionable style too ❤

with this outer sweater, a mini plain / checkers skirt, a plain blouse, some cute accessories, its definitely a wow wow!~

love it! love it! ❤

Korea’s In Fashion items! 한국의 잇 패션 아이템~

(Pictures courtesy of coii and zipia)

Today gonna introduce 2 of my highlighted items in Korea’s fashion now:

~ Flower pattern lace leggings (Really sweet <3)
~ Hat head accessory (Really cool!!! ^^)

With these 2 new *hit* items, you’ll get to stand out real loud!
To all princesses~ wanna get more fashionable and create a fashion statement of yours?

Try these styles now! ^^

Korean Singer – K.Will 케이윌

K Will mini album cover

Recently, I watched Arirang TV – Showbiz News  & caught eye of a Korean singer… His name is K.Will 케이윌…

His voice is really good & can sing R & B or Hip Hop styles…
Really amazed by his voice! ^^

Love 2 of his tracks from his latest released mini album ❤

~ <눈물이 뚝뚝>
~ <Love 119 Feat. Mc몽> 

And I think he resemble Dae Sung from Big Bang! ^^
With his mini eyes 🙂
Really cute ^^

So sit back, enjoy & get indulged into his world of music ❤

My latest fav OST – 꽃보다 남자 Part 2


my latest fav OST! ^^ though i haven’t watched the whole drama, the songs inside this OST are really good!! ^^ koreans are really good in making drama music! no doubt~ *thumbs up*

my fav track is <애인만들기> (sang by SS501)!
really catchy ❤ ^^

<애인 만들기> by SS501

Spring Fashion 2009 in Korea (Girls’ Style)

(pictures courtesy of Zipia & G-market)

the latest must have girls’ accessories in korea spring fashion 2009 are:

– cute ribbon hair bands
– flower belts
– cute mini neck scarf 
  (you can use it to accessorise your bag too! ^^)

you can dress up like a princess doll too in this spring season with these cute accesories! ❤

Girl’s Paradise Blog ^^

공주님 과 곰들이

(공주님 과 곰들이 ^^)

my first wordpress blog created! named it as Girl’s Paradise… because i believe each girl has its own paradise waiting to be discovered! each one full of passion and dreams ❤ 내 꿈을 지금 시작해요! 같이 갑시다! ^^