Korea Fashion – Play with Colours! (3 Fav Fashion Picks)

3 of my fav fashion picks of colours combi! ^^

the one with black hat: though her whole concept is of black, white and grey colours elements, very basic… but her dual colours leggings strikes attention immediately…  her black cap is also a attention-catching element! i would say her style is more of cool and “character” style ^^ i give it a 3.5/5 stars ❤

the one with straw hat: her theme is totally of beautiful spring season… personally, i love her light yellow pants! it gives a great sunshine feel and brightens up the whole dressing! ^^ her style suits any girls! *ps: you’ll need to wear high heels in order to give an overall “distinctive” feel! pumps are a no-no!! i give it a 4/5 stars ❤

the one with green hat: no doubt… i love this combi the most~ because of the striking green colour cap and yellow shirt! ^^ though the yellow top looks plain, the design of purple bats are rather “creative”… being fashionable is also being creative… mix and match colours is part of the “creative” and fun process!! i give it a 4.5 stars ❤

hope you’ll like my 3 picks!! will bring more in again soon~~~ ^^

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