Korean language class


(Thanks to 수경 for making this cute pic! one of my fav pic ^^)

Phew! My Korean language class is getting harder! >< The level i am studying currently at Singapore Korean School is Intermediate 2… The textbook and workbook for this level onwards are in Korean language… It’s real tough but I gonna work harder to keep it up!!! Thank you to my current teacher (한샘) who put in great efforts in teaching and entertaining the class ❤ ^^ And also constantly showering us with encouragement to speak more in class… I hope i won’t disappoint her~

아자아자 화이팅!!! ^^

Today i have made the final decision to go to our school camp… 수경 & 야회, thanks for all the smiles and support that you have given me always!!! 사랑해~ ❤ let’s plan a trip to Korea together in the near future ok (with Jerlyn)!!! ^^ *muacks*

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  1. Btw,how old are you?

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