Spring Fashion 2009 in Korea (Girls’ Style)

(pictures courtesy of Zipia & G-market)

the latest must have girls’ accessories in korea spring fashion 2009 are:

– cute ribbon hair bands
– flower belts
– cute mini neck scarf 
  (you can use it to accessorise your bag too! ^^)

you can dress up like a princess doll too in this spring season with these cute accesories! ❤

Girl’s Paradise Blog ^^

공주님 과 곰들이

(공주님 과 곰들이 ^^)

my first wordpress blog created! named it as Girl’s Paradise… because i believe each girl has its own paradise waiting to be discovered! each one full of passion and dreams ❤ 내 꿈을 지금 시작해요! 같이 갑시다! ^^