Korea Fashion – Hot Pants (Summer Fashion)


Hot pants – a must-have fashion wear item in the summer season. Here, i gonna bring you some latest hot pants releases in the korea fashion market. Earth and loud colours are the “favourite” colours in the hot pants designs here. Which design will you pick? I definitely love the brown hot pants! Simply vintage and cute ❤ ^^ 




Korea Fashion – Cool Sleeveless Top


Today i going to introduce a cool sleeveless top, newly released in korea fashion market here. As summer season is approaching, sleeveless tops can be seen widely now. This top i picked here is of “expressive” design with the pictures of famous figures on it. I think this top is rather cool. And with a hip baggy pants and some basic accessories as part of fashion wear coordination, you’ll no doubt be able to rock in this hot summer! ^^


Korean Movie – Kim Bum and Kim Byul at “Emergency” movie filming


Kim Bum‘s latest movie work – “비상” (Emergency) after “Boys over Flowers” drama.

Movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Byul.

At “Emergency” movie filming site:

Korea Music – BoA and Big Bang Shining Out at VMAJ 2009


(Translated from SPN News) Korean pop singers BoA and Big Bang have each shined out loudly at VMAJ 2009 (Video Music Awards Japan 2009).

On 30 May 2009, BoA and Big Bang have participated in the VMAJ 2009 held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan. At the awards ceremony, BoA has performed her America debut album title song “I Did It For Love” together with Sean Garrett. Big Bang was invited as guests to introduce America pop singer Katie Perry‘s stage performance. They have also greeted the audience in Japanese.

Though VMAJ 2009 is a big stage platform for international artistes, both BoA and Big Bang have successfully captured the audience’s attention with their consistent natural stage manners.

Well Done BoA and Big Bang! ^^

Korea Music – 보디가드 (Bodyguard) by SHINee

A catchy CF song (for Anycall Bodyguard) brought by Korean boy group SHINee. The artistes endorsing for Anycall Bodyguard handphone are Kim Bum and Kim So Eun.

Korea Music – 전화하지마 (Do Not Call) by Namolla Family feat Tae In

A nice song brought by Korean group Namolla Family feat Tae In. ^^

Korea Fashion – Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun at W Korea Magazine (June 2009 Edition)


More photos of Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun at W Korea Fashion Magazine (June 2009 Edition):

Great charisma!

Korea Buzz – Big Bang Heading for Japan for Event


(Translated from Review Star) Korean boy group, Big Bang, will be heading for Japan for an event on 28 May 2009.

Big Bang’s management side has revealed to the media that, “Big Bang is heading for Japan for event. They have worked very hard this time to catch the Japan audience attention. You will be able to watch Big Bang’s performance in various forms.”

On 13 May 2009, Big Bang has held a press conference at Tokyo announcing their advancement into the Japan market and the release of their Japan debut single “My Heaven” next month. “My Heaven” is a song portraying on the loss of a beloved person. The painful feelings are expressed through the song’s rhythms.

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s Japan debut song “My Heaven” will be released as a digital single in 6 Asia countries too (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia). The digital single will go on sale at these 6 countries from 24 June 2009 onwards.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho Transforming into a Volleyball Player at Thailand Beach


(Translated from Daily Sports) Lee Min Ho‘s Thailand CF filming site’s hot heat is released.

Around mid-May 2009, Lee Min Ho has flown to Thailand for Dunki Donuts CF filming. The CF filming was taken place at a beach with the concept of Lee Min Ho transforming into a volleyball player. Under the hot sun, Lee Min Ho can be seen with body’s throwing movements and absorption in the volleyball game. The image of a “flower boy” with heavy sweat while playing beach volleyball was produced.

As “Boys over Flowers” drama heat is blowing over the entire Asia, Lee Min Ho is receiving increasing popularity in Thailand now. Many Thailand’s fans can be seen gathering at the CF filming site cheering for Lee Min Ho’s great game too.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

More photos from CF filming site:

Korea Fashion – Checkers Series (IN!)




Today gonna bring you the “in” korea fashion series seen lately – the checkers style clothes. The clothes i gonna recommend in here are:

– Checkers Long Shirt
– Checkers Hoody Top
– Checkers Balloon Long Blouse

The design and print of the checkers style here are eye catching and trendy. You can wear each different style for a different fashionable outlook! ^^ Hope you all will like my fashion picks! ❤


(Red Checkers Long Shirt (above)  – Relax / School style)


(Red Checkers Hoody Top (above) – Cute / Funky Style)


(Purple Checkers Balloon Long Blouse (above) – Playful / Girly Style)