K Pop Merchandise – Kim Bum Spris Poster For Sale


For all Kim Bum fans, I have 5 Kim Bum Spris original posters for sale. If you are interested to get, the prices are as below: –

1 poster @ S$30
2 posters @ S$50 (you may share together with another friend ^^)

This is how the actual poster looks like (glossy surface with his signature and words printed on):


The above posters are not available anymore.
Thank you for reading ❤

28 Responses

  1. ㅋㅋ 너 진짜!
    really selling it here.. hee.. >.<

  2. 필요없어서 그냥 팔아요 ^^

  3. do u have more posters of kim bum? 🙂

  4. hi xy, sorry to say i only have kim bum spris posters only. thanks for asking and visiting my blog. ^^

  5. ahh! i love kimbum~~ do all five of your posters have his signature, and is it real? or like.. copied signature??

    and Is the price in US dollars??

  6. hi sueey,

    yes all the 5 posters have Kim Bum’s original signature.

    but as it is a mass print poster from the sports brand (spriss) which kim bum is endorsing for, his signature is printed on it.

    the price quoted is in Singapore dollars.

    thanks for your query! ^^

  7. r these posters sold out?

  8. hi 림~

    the posters are still available currently.

    thanks for your query and visit to my blog! ^^

  9. kim bum ^_^
    i love you, you are very handsome, qiuet.

  10. you know kim i am ur no.1 fans here in the philippine i always supporting ur movie i am ur no.1 fans i love you and ur other friend in Boys over flowers and kim so wul ur ment to be hooooooooooooo!shela ♥ kim bum i wish i meet u in person hehehe
    shela mae adora
    of the philippines

  11. Hi, how would I be able to purchase these posters if they’re still available? And how much is it in US dollars?
    Thank you!

  12. hi stephanie, i only have 1 Kim Bum poster left. the price is at USD$12.

    thank you for your inquiry~

    hope to cya around in my blog soon again ^^

  13. how can I purchase it?

  14. hi stephanie~

    may i know which country are you from?

    thanks u~ ^^

  15. I’m from the US.

  16. hi stephanie~

    thanks for ur reply~

    i will need to check the shipping rates to the US.

    can you let me know which city state from you from?

    if it is fine, i will ship the poster to you. but you’ll need to pay for the shipping charges.

    are you ok with that?

    thanks you ^^

  17. Yes, I’m fine with that! I’m from Seattle, WA (if you know 2PM I live where Jaebum lives^^). I just need to know how much the shipping charges are.

  18. hi stephanie~

    sure kk. i go check and let you know again ^^

    thanks you for your interest ^^

  19. kimbum jdoh Q……

  20. it’s already been a while. when will i find out about the poster? thanks.

  21. hi stephanie,

    i am sorry that it slipped off my mind…

    really sorry… i will go check with the post office soon.

    thank you again for your understanding!~

  22. hi stephanie,

    i have checked the price of air freight charges.

    for singapore to US, it will cost S$60 (excluding the container to put the poster in). it will take around 5 days to arrive.

    as for shipping, it will take 2.5 – 4 months so i did not enquire on that.

    hope it clears your doubts.

    thank you!~

  23. Bunganya buat aku yaAaAaA???

  24. hi chusnuel,

    i don’t understand what you are saying here.

    thank you anyway for visiting my blog! ^^

  25. I am guessing that these aren’t available anymore? 😦

  26. kim bum,,,,i luv youuuuu……….!!

    LOVE U….
    NO FUN…

  28. can i get your autograph

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