Korea Fashion – Stylish Jackets

102_6These 2 jackets each have its own stylish trend inside! The blue jacket gives out a cool and smart feel. On the other hand, the white jacket gives out a pure and elegant feel. Which one do you fancy more? ^^

Real trend! ❤ ^^



4 Responses

  1. I really like the black one. It has a sort of fierce vibe to it. 🙂
    Going to go look for something like this while I shop tomorrow~

    By the way, are these pictures from a Korean shop? 😮

  2. HELLOOO, the black jacket is cool. hahah where did u got it from?? my sis love it too!!!!

  3. hazel~ yup! i took these pics randomly from korean online shops which i

    coey~ i took the pic from korean online shop ^^

  4. missing words from my comments: which i sourced from the net ^^

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