Korea Travel Diary – Year 2006 Winter (1)

KOREA 034The first time i embarked on Korea was on February 2006. The season was winter during that period. The weather was bitterly cold (partly reason was because i didn’t bring enough clothings over >.<)! Snow was almost everywhere. It was a beautiful sight as it was my first time seeing real snow and encountering winter! ^^

Our travel group stopped by 설악산 (Mount Sorak National Park) first. 설악산 is a truly gorgeous natural landscape. A cute snowman caught my eyesight and i went cuddled it! The walk around the park was a memorable experience ❤

korea 033



2 Responses

  1. Was that part of “Goong”s set? Such an adorable snowman~~ It looks very Korean because it’s so cute! hahaha

    Wow..that is the first time you experienced winter? Do you live in a very hot place?

  2. haha i am not too sure aboout the scene setting because i didn’t watched the drama “Goong” before >.<

    yup that was the first time i experienced winter! haha. i lived in singapore! a tropical country with no seasons. quite sad 😦

    where do u live in?

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