Korea Fashion – Skinny Jeans Trend (Continues)


Skinny jeans trend is still continuing in korea fashion today. The jeans feature is simply hard to resist especially for girls who wish to obtain a flawless figure outline or fashionable style. The current trends in korean skinny jeans which are still going strong are: colourful, denim and black styles. If you wish to stay in tune with the current fashion trend, grab a skinny jeans now too! ❤ ^^



2 Responses

  1. That girl in the first picture has REALLY long legs o_o
    And I love skinny jeans, they’re comfy too (:
    Just wanted to say thanks for your blog on Korea fashion~!

  2. hi miki~

    sorry to miss out on your comment!~

    really thanks for your comment!~

    hope to see you around again! ^^

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