Korean Movie – Kim Bum and Kim Byul at “Emergency” movie filming


Kim Bum‘s latest movie work – “비상” (Emergency) after “Boys over Flowers” drama.

Movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Byul.

At “Emergency” movie filming site:

16 Responses

  1. waaa um gonna watch this movie though it might break my heart because of the kissing scenes!

  2. ^ I agree with rondace TT_TT

  3. wooooow im looking forward to seeing him in ‘Emergency.’ =)

  4. Waaaaah can’t wait to watch this movie! I’m really excited to see Kim Bum in this movie hahaha 😀

  5. oh no!!!! kim bum really cute boy… i can’t found this movie in my contry!!!! hiks…

  6. You are so cute kim bum…Can’t Wait To See This Movie. (^-^)

  7. so cute
    i luv him so much!!!
    but wer can i watch dis???????(#_#)

  8. …..eow….,,!

    youre so hand some and cute….!!!!

    take care!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mee too…same with rodane thoughts..agree too

  10. whwn this movie playing in Indonesia

  11. I mean, when this movie playing in Indonesia

  12. please reply ok

  13. hi lita~ i am not sure when it is going to screen in Indonesia.. i only know that the movie will start screening from december 10 onwards in Korea…

    thank you for visiting my blog!~ ^^

  14. Where can I find this in the US???

  15. woooooow……. his very….. very….. handsome and so cuteee…

  16. hi, I want to watch this so much but I don’t know where to find it
    Can any of you tell me where to find it? Pleaseee!!!

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