Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong Back Together


Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are reunite together at Kim Joon’s first solo song MV (music video) filming site.

Kim Hyun Joong will be starring in Kim Joon’s first solo song “Joon, Be Ok!” MV. Both of them have established strong friendship due to the filming of drama “Boys over Flowers”. Kim Joon has confessed that he is undergoing pressure as this is his first solo song. As Kim Hyun Joong is helping him for the MV filming, he feels much more better and less stressed.

Kim Joon’s representative said, “Both Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong have maintained contact after the filming of drama “Boys over Flowers” and their friendship became stronger. And as both of them are members of pop idol groups (Kim Hyun Joong – SS501, Kim Joon – T Max), they have many chances to work with. And also Kim Joon has received many advices during the preparation of his first solo song.”

This new album by T Max will be offically released online on 9th July.


Korea Fashion – Summer “Hot” Dresses


Bringing you Korea summer fashion 2009 latest released dresses! In Korea, “beach wear concept” fashion styles can be widely seen in their summer season. I have picked up some summer dresses which are of different fashion style. You can choose to be sexy, cute, funky, sweet or elegant in this hot summer! ^^





Goo Hye Sun During Childhood Days

Goo Hye Sun’s childhood photo was revealed at a TV show in Korea lately.

It has been a fact that Goo Hye Sun is well-known for her beautiful face in Korea. After her childhood photo was revealed, many viewers had said that Goo Hye Sun is already a beauty during her childhood days. And viewers added, “Goo Hye Sun has gave out her unique beauty feel during childhood days and now also.”

She is definitely very cute and pretty!! ^^ ❤

SS501 Solo Collection Music Drama Episode 1 Released on 2009-06-22

In this 1st episode of the music drama, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong took on the role of a killer. Both Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min fell in love with the same woman in this music drama.

Enjoy the video ^^

Goo Hye Sun’s Selca (Self Cam Photos)


Found these Goo Hye Sun’s selca (Self cam photos) at a Korea netizen blog. Though i wondered how the photos are taken with her dogs (Perhaps Goo Hye Sun’s elder sister helped her with it ^^)

Anyway, these photos are total cuteness! ^^ ❤ I love Goo Hye Sun’s big eyes and bright white complexion!

Which of the following is your favourite Goo Hye Sun’s selca shot? My vote goes to the one on the top! Pick your choice and comment! ^^

Korea Buzz – Maeil Presents “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert”


Maeil will be presenting “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert” and 400 lucky winners will be invited to watch this special showcase.

From July 1 to August 10, when you purchase Cafe Latte, you just need to note down the number found inside of the lid and key it inside “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert Invitation” via

In addition, if you purchased new released products “Cafe Latte Espresso” or “Sugarless Cafe Latte”, you will stand to win NII T-shirts.

“Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert” will be held on 26 August 6pm at Sang Sang Ma Dang Live Hall in Hongdae.  It is said that Big Bang will perform many hit songs during the concert including their CM hit song “Youthful You“.

This mini concert event will be Big Bang’s first public official event in Korea after their promotional events in Japan.

Other than this concert, there will also be a series of events prepared in line from the screening session of film making, close talk sessions with Big Bang to Cafe Latte tasting events.

So Nyeo Shi Dae Back With 2nd Mini Album – “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie)


So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) is back with their 2nd mini album “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie). This album will be officially released on 25th June. The song is first released on today (22nd June) and received many good reviews by Korea netizens. “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie) is expected to swarm the Korea music charts after their previous hit song “Gee”.

The songs available in So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd mini album “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie):

1. 소원을 말해봐 (Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) )
2. Etude
3. 여자친구 (Girlfriend)
4. 남자친구 (Boyfriend)
5. 동화 (Fairy Tale)
6. 1년 後 (One Year Later)

So Nyeo Shi Dae will be having their comeback stage performances for their new song “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie) on 26th June (KBS Music Bank), 27th June (MBC Music Core) and 28th June (SBS Inkigayo).

Full Audio For Listening:

Enjoy ^^

Lee Min Ho’s My Everything @ “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert”

Lee Min Ho performing his solo song “My Everything” @ “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert”.

Can see that he is trying very hard to present this song~ good efforts ^^

Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho ^^


Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho!
May you continue to do well in your career ahead!!
All the best to your dreams and love too!

생일축하해, 이민호 씨~ ^^
화이팅!~ 꾝 행복해~

Korea Buzz – “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” (2009-06-21)


Kim Hyun Joong and T Max have made special guest appearances at Lee Min Ho’s “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” today. Kim Hyun Joong performed his new solo song “Be nice to me, please“. T Max have also sang a congratulation song to Lee Min Ho during the event. Many fans are seen at the event venue today. Other than Korea fans, there are fans who came from Japan and Taiwan as well. It was a meaningful day to Lee Min Ho as all fans combined together to make a memorable 22nd birthday celebration for him.


Lee Min Ho receiving a birthday present from a cute little girl fan.


Lee Min Ho’s mother was also introduced during his birthday party fan meeting today.


Lee Min Ho’s vocal instructor, K Will, also made special appearance at the event. He complimented on Lee Min Ho and said, “Lee Min Ho’s singing ability has increased significantly over the period.”


Lee Min Ho singing his song “My Everything” to his fans.

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