Goo Hye Sun at Taiwan: “Alcohol is My Friend”, Audience Burst out Laughing at Her Fun Remark


(Translated from Newsen) Goo Hye Sun has admitted to Taiwan fans that she is a regular drinker.

At the press conference held in Taiwan on 3 June, Lee Min Ho mentioned to media, “Goo Hye Sun likes to eat.” He has also surprisingly revealed, “She prefers drinking to eating.”

Goo Hye Sun attended the press conference together too. During the press conference, Goo Hye Sun has spoken in fluent Mandarin, “Alcohol is my friend.” The audience burst out laughing at her fun remark. Goo Hye Sun said, “I like to drink a little to relieve stress.” 

Goo Hye Sun also mentioned, “When i was young, i learnt Mandarin language. When i return to Korea, i will work and study harder on my Mandarin language.”

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힘내 구혜선씨~ 당신은 꼭 잘 수 있어!


2 Responses

  1. hi guys,

    both of you are the perfect couple… hope u make another movies… and pls…. boys over flower have part 2… cause i love the movies so much… mwaahhh

  2. i agree…

    more power HYE SUN-MIN HO

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