Hardworking Kim Hyun Joong


Catch Kim Hyun Joong’s hardworking moments! ^^

These photos are posted online by a Korean fan netizen. It was described:

Kim Hyun Joong looked really cool while he was in the midst of his training work though he was alone by himself (the rest of SS501 members were not there). But i am not sure what training work purpose he was involved in for though. (maybe haptic mission? just guesses.)

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

I think this netizen is real cute with her comments. Anyway, i think Kim Hyun Joong is definitely an artiste who puts in his full heart and dedication into his work. 

Kim Hyun Joong, jjang!~


3 Responses

  1. I think it was for his solo song “Be My Girl”.
    Thank you for the pictures.
    Definitely agree that he was an artiste who puts in his full heart into his work.
    Awwww…love him.

  2. i agree with you..Now a days he’s very popular not only in KOREA but in whole ASIA..He gains more popularity in BOF as jihoo sunbae..I’m glad, he already on the top! due to his work’s dedication.

    Hyun joong, keep it up and don’t forget to SMILE>>>>

  3. I´m very happy that he is better of health!!!. By the way, I invite you all to my blog http://fulllyrics.wordpress.com/ I hope you like it!!!, I have the new songs of the solo collection of SS501, photos and more!!

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