Lee Min Jung to visit Singapore for “Sony Ericsson” promotion


Due to the overwhelming popularity received from “Boys over Flowers” drama, Lee Min Jung who acted as Goo Jun Pyo’s finance inside the drama has been selected as the brand endorser for handphone brand “Sony Ericsson“. She is the first endorser model for Sony Ericsson brand which has just ventured into the Korea mobile phone services market recently.

Lee Min Jung is also being selected as the regional brand endorser for Sony Ericsson in Asia region namely Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Phillippines etc.

She will be stopping by Singapore for Sony Ericsson promotional activities from 15th June to 19th June. According to media, she will arrive in Singapore on 15th June at 2:20pm via flight SQ603. She will meet up with the local media at Sony Ericsson press conference on 17th June. On the following day (18th June), she will visit the newly launched “Sony Ericsson” shop located at Iluma at 6:30pm. And after that, she will have a special closed-door gathering session with 10 lucky fans.

She’ll depart Singapore on 19th June after her promotion trip ends.

(source credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

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