Gongjunim – No Blog Posts on 15th June (Due to Korean Language Exam)


Dear readers, i will be busy studying for my Korean Language examination which is taking place on Tuesday (16th June). I won’t be blogging for tomorrow (15th June).

Once again, thank you all for visiting my blog. ❤ 

Looking forward to your visit again from 17th June onwards!

Have a great week ahead! ^^


6 Responses

  1. anyong gongjumni… nice to know u.. i interest in korean.. can u help me? pliz tell me everything about korea,,, thx alot…

  2. an-nyeong na ssi~ nice to meet u! ^^ which areas of interest do you have for Korean?

    Korea is a fun and sentimental country! do visit Korea when you have the time ^^

  3. sentimental? r u talking about drama korea?
    I just know korea from drama…

    I really want visit to korea, but I don’t have much money to go there…

  4. sentimental – i was referring to the people in Korea ^^

    oh… well, i do not have much knowledge on Korean dramas as i seldom watch. >.<

    Personally, i do more travelling in Korea as compared to watching their dramas. I do listen to Korean music though. ^^

  5. gongjunim ssi… can u teach me korean language….

  6. hi namie25~ sorry to only saw ur message now! >.< sure~ if i can teach u korean, i will try my best. u can start by listening to some korean conversations online. if u need help, let me know ^^

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