SS501 Solo Collection Song MV Teasers


The MV teasers of the solo songs performed by SS501 members are being released through Korea Gom TV recently. The release dates and member name / song are as follows:

15/06 – Kyu Jong’s solo song “Wuss Up”
16/06 – Hyun Joong’s solo song “Be nice to me, please”
17/06 – Hyung Joon’s solo song “Hey G”
18/06 – Young Saeng’s solo song “Nameless Memory”
19/06 – Jung Min’s solo song “If You Can’t”

You can catch SS501 at their new music video drama (will be shown through 2 episodes) on 22th June and 29th June respectively at Gom TV ( via channel 200. The full 20 mins version music drama will be available via Gom TV on 6th July.

SS501 new album “SS501 Collection” will be released officially on 3th July. Each member’s solo song will be kept in this album.

Enjoy the video! ^^

Video of SS501 Solo Collection MV Teasers (Collection of all members’ solo songs): 


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