Korea Buzz – Maeil Presents “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert”


Maeil will be presenting “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert” and 400 lucky winners will be invited to watch this special showcase.

From July 1 to August 10, when you purchase Cafe Latte, you just need to note down the number found inside of the lid and key it inside “Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert Invitation” via www.lovecaffelatte.com.

In addition, if you purchased new released products “Cafe Latte Espresso” or “Sugarless Cafe Latte”, you will stand to win NII T-shirts.

“Cafe Latte Big Bang Mini Concert” will be held on 26 August 6pm at Sang Sang Ma Dang Live Hall in Hongdae.  It is said that Big Bang will perform many hit songs during the concert including their CM hit song “Youthful You“.

This mini concert event will be Big Bang’s first public official event in Korea after their promotional events in Japan.

Other than this concert, there will also be a series of events prepared in line from the screening session of film making, close talk sessions with Big Bang to Cafe Latte tasting events.

2 Responses

  1. unni.. pliz give me lee min ho’s website… I love him so much… btw(by the way) r u have jae he’s website? my friend is so crazy about him…

  2. do u meant jae hee (재희)? if it is, you can ask your friend to go to –> http://cafe.daum.net/hyunkyun

    for lee min ho official website, you can go to –> http://www.leeminho.kr/

    hope it helps ^^

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