Goo Hye Sun’s Selca (Self Cam Photos)


Found these Goo Hye Sun’s selca (Self cam photos) at a Korea netizen blog. Though i wondered how the photos are taken with her dogs (Perhaps Goo Hye Sun’s elder sister helped her with it ^^)

Anyway, these photos are total cuteness! ^^ ❤ I love Goo Hye Sun’s big eyes and bright white complexion!

Which of the following is your favourite Goo Hye Sun’s selca shot? My vote goes to the one on the top! Pick your choice and comment! ^^


10 Responses

  1. Gongjunim.y there are no news about hye sun lately?

  2. hi mang~ lately there isn’t any updated news on goo hye sun >.<

    i think most likely she is busy with her upcoming illustrations exhibition which is going to start on next wednesday (1st july) in seoul~

    let's look forward to it ok!! ^^

  3. goo hye sun your sow pretty! iwish i would be like you now my greates dream is to go to korea and see you and lee min ho you two looks compatible to each other someday i would go to korea and leave their love you! LOVE YOU GOO HYE SUN

  4. ohmygosh, thanks for these pics!!! it’s hard to find pics of goo hye sun except on naver but i don’t know korean so xD

    hye sun is so pretty (: hehe i like them all!!!

  5. I hope the producer of BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS make part 2!just like meteor garden in taiwan!

  6. I love u goo hye sun..4 ever..n i admire u so much.

  7. OMG

    can’t wait 4 she new album


  8. hye sun…iam very…….lofely…which you….because u’re is very pretty….

  9. i like goo hye so pretty..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love ur boys before flower movie.that movie make me going crazy…..!you and lee min ho look so cute and suitable together!!i love both of you…

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