Goo Hye Sun During Childhood Days

Goo Hye Sun’s childhood photo was revealed at a TV show in Korea lately.

It has been a fact that Goo Hye Sun is well-known for her beautiful face in Korea. After her childhood photo was revealed, many viewers had said that Goo Hye Sun is already a beauty during her childhood days. And viewers added, “Goo Hye Sun has gave out her unique beauty feel during childhood days and now also.”

She is definitely very cute and pretty!! ^^ ❤


27 Responses

  1. 😉 gongjunim, she always has pretty face.wonder if she’s in a relationship or many rumours i guess.

  2. i think she not really pretty but she have something special,,,,

  3. she is gorgeous…

  4. but she is cute ^_^

  5. shes really pretty..and sow simple dats why many of us like her so much. Shes talented and very humle…

    &ive seen dat shes funny too & humurous…

    • yess shes really beautiful and down to earth.what i like most of her is when she begun to talk u can sense of her being humble ,soft spoken and d the smile on her face…..thats why i like her

      • anyway happy b-day my idol wished u all d best stay as humble as u are…and hope u find a good guy or someone that u could spend for the rest of your life….

  6. HUMBLE i mean.. haha

  7. shes an actress with talent and personality.

  8. Goo kye sun you amazed me!an actress, singer,painter,writer!wow!any facebook or friendster or any website of you Ms kye sun?im your no. 1 fan hr in Philippines!

  9. Goo hye Sun u so cute…

  10. Jan di, you’re very beautiful!!!!

  11. Your very beautiful Koo Hye Sun.

  12. Hello goo hye sun,
    i love u so much
    im a Big fan of urs
    im actually in UAE (United states of arab )
    i wish a could c u in person
    i love ur music videos
    especially the one ill forget mv ft.

  13. Whoa… awsome !

    u made me wanna surender my soul unnie !

  14. cute………

  15. your so very pretty my friends and i were the no.1 fan of BOF we hope there is a second part of it and more romantics with your baby!!!!
    hope you can go to manila like kim bum and have a concert!!!
    love you and more blessings to come

  16. ohhhhhhhhh! your so beautiful

  17. i love you hye sun i idolized you so much coz u have so many talents just pursue them coz i know ur just starting ur big foot steps thru bein; a biggest and most famous and talented star in d; world….. ihope u have a good health and mpre projects to come…………………

  18. ,….koo hye sun is very pretty all over the world b’coz she is my idol……..

  19. i luv KOO HYE SUN Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. she is very talented person….

  21. she is popular and pretty and talented in korea and all over the world……..

  22. She really very beatiful in both side (in- & out) I love her very much. KYRGYZSTAN

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