Korean Food – Samgyetang (삼계탕)


Samgyetang (삼계탕) is Korean’s traditional ginseng chicken soup. It is a healthy food which is made of a whole young chicken, ginseng and other herbal ingredients. It is also known as a popular summer tonic.

There are sambok (삼복) which are the hottest period in Korea’s summer season.

They are:
~ Chobok (초복)
~ Jungbok (중복)
~ Malbok (말복

It has been a traditional culture in Korea where Koreans will eat Samgyetang (삼계탕) as tonic food during summer season. It is because they want to have a rest and build up their health stamina by taking tonics during the hot summer period (삼복).

As it is the summer season now, don’t forget to try Samgyetang (삼계탕) as an experience for Korean traditional food culture! ^^

Korea Fashion – So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cover Girls for “Ceci” (August Issue)


So Nyeo Shi Dae are the cover girls for Korea top fashion magazine “Ceci” (August issue).

They came together for a pictorial shoot with “Ceci” magazine to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary since debut. The pictorial shoot concept is “lovely party”. Catch these pretty icons in their celebration party with “Ceci”!

Girl Power! They are great fashion icons! ^^

What’s The “IN” Fashion Culture in Korea now? (Featuring 2NE1 & 4minute)



Featured Celebrities: 2NE1 & 4minute

What’s the “IN” fashion culture in Korea now? 

You can catch korean young teenagers wearing “candy colours” all over the streets of Korea now.

Due to the influence of fashion trends emerged from popular korean girl groups – 2NE1 and 4minute, korean young teenagers aged between 10 ~ 20 years old adopting the “Candy Funky Style” are increasing. This fashion style is currently the most popular in Europe and it has also became a hit in Korea fashion scene now.

What’s importantly is, what are the main elements which make up the “Candy Funky Style”? Let’s check them out now!

~ Pop art shirts
~ Neon colour high cut pop shoes
~ Colourful leggings
~ Bold colour accessories

~ Colourful Makeup (Yellow  / Green eyeshadow + exaggerated eyelashes)

Candy colours is definitely a must fashion factor for “Candy Funky Style”. To obtain this style, you can coordinate by a pop art loose fitting shirt (one which you feel is the best on you) together with a colourful fitting leggings. For best “trendy” results, you can match with torn cutting leggings or skinny jeans.


Another important coordinate – Neon colour high cut pop shoes. The neon colours coming up are neon blue, neon lime and neon raspberry. They are currently gaining popularity in Korea.

The popular dressing style – Leggings. Recently due to the fashion trends brought by 2NE1 and 4minute, there are some special leggings designs released. They are the flora and marine styles. It is a “do not missed out” popular item in summer fashion too now.


Lastly, we move on to accessories and makeup. To further enhance your fashion style, accessories is a must have trendy item. In particular, there are 2 affordable items which are colourful bangles and child-size glamourous sunglasses. Both are the current favourites among young Korean teenagers now. Colourful makeup is also a key element to the “Candy Funky Style”. For this, you will need to use a variety of colours to create a youthful look. For example by applying orange colour lipstick.

As it is the summer vacation in Korea now, the “Candy Funky Style” is also well-received among young Korean teenagers. Many candy funky items like high cut top shoes (especially neon colours series) are selling out very fast.

The sensational hit “Candy Funky Style” will still continue for a while in the Korea fashion scene.

(source – bnt news korea, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Loving “Candy Funky Style”! ^^

[Jo Min Ki Star Shoot] Star Feature 1 – Goo Hye Sun



Talent Jo Min Ki is a professionial photographer. In [Jo Min Ki Star Shoot] series, artistes / celebrities are invited to do a pictorial photoshoot by him. It is titled “New Century Star Pictorial Interview“. In the first feature, Goo Hye Sun is being invited.

Although the photoshoot session was short, Jo Min Ki showed great passion and creativity in photography. As a model, Goo Hye Sun also presented versatile styles.

(source – sports chosun, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Let’s take a look at these fantastic works and the behind the scenes moments of  both of them.







Article Published on 13th PiFan Official Website


Gongjunim is real happy to see that her article is being published at 13th PiFan official website!

Thank you to PiFan for using my article! 

Article available @ http://www.pifan.com/eng/news/02_news_view.asp?pk_seq=1593&sc_board_seq=14&sc_num=2&actEvent=view&page=1

Will blog harder to bring more articles! Thank you! ^^

Kim Hyun Joong & Son Dambi Self-Designed Samsung AnyCall Handphones Are Released


Star employees from Samsung Anycall TV Show “Haptic Mission“, Kim Hyun Joong and Son Dambi self designed phones are being made into actual products.

Kim Hyun Joong’s design is named “Kim Hyun Joong UFO Phone” and Son Dambi’s design is named “Son Dambi Heart Phone“. Both phones are released on 28th July by Samsung Electronics.

At “Haptic Mission 3”, Kim Hyun Joong has self designed the handphone “UFO” by using crop circles designs. On the other hand, Son Dambi has designed the handphone “Heart” by using lovely hearts shapes. Both handphone designs have received good reviews. In particular, Kim Hyun Joong’s designed handphone “UFO” has received many queries on major sites.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Catch a closer look at “Kim Hyun Joong UFO Phone” and “Son Dambi Heart Phone” below!


Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 (SDA 2009 Festival)


Seoul International Drama Awards is coming to their 4th year this year.

In this year, SDA 2009 Festival will start from 4 September ~ 13 September  2009 for a period of 10 days in Seoul. The slogan for this year SDA 2009 Festival is “Show your drama, Share the World“. There will be a series of events scheduled in line including drama OST concert, showcase & event, awards ceremony and farewell party. The awards ceremony will be held on 11th September at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. All these events will make this year festival even more anticipating and interesting.

In view to SDA 2009 Festival, there is an online voting event specially opened for the public to pick out their Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress. The online voting period will start from 13th July to 31st August 2009 at Yahoo! Korea website.

To cast your vote for Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress, you can go to: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/event/sda2009/index.html.

For SDA 2009 Festival details, you can go to their official website (English): http://www.seouldrama.org/main/index.php?lang=en



There is an event campaign titled “2009 Dream Story with Seoul City” held at the website. One of the events is a picture creation contest where you can create your own picture taken with your favourite Hallyu celebrities. You can go to http://kr.news.yahoo.com/event/sda2009/en_event1.html to have yours specially made! The online contest will run from 13th July to 30th August 2009. The final winner will be announced via Yahoo! Korea on 7th September. You can check out what you can stand to win if you take part in this contest as below!

[Gifts for Events ] (source: http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/sdf2008@ymail.com/138)   

1) Date with Star  
 – For Special Prize for one       
  Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people +  opportunity to meet Korean Star (TBA)

 – For Ten of event winners
Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people  ( 6 months open ticket )

2) Seoul City Tour with “Hallyu Bus”
– For Six of event winners
  Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people  ( 6 months open ticket ) 

*  Each of winners will receive the detail gift information by e-mail from Seoul city staff
*  IF Any of winners want to join the SDA 2009 ceremony on Sep 11th
    SDA ticket will be provided after winner confirmation

(credits – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Do not miss out SDA 2009 Festival! ❤
Hurry and take part in the online events today! ^^

Flower Boys During Childhood (Part 2 – Kim Bum & Kim Jun)


Kim Bum who acted as So Yi Jung in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a cute bubbly baby when borned!

During childhood, he successfully shaked off his baby fats and gradually turned into a charming handsome looking boy. He attracted a lot of girls’ attention and many wanted to play with him during class.

Since young, Kim Bum is very particular towards cleanliness and does not like dirt on his body. There was once when he went playground to play and to avoid the sand from sticking onto his clothes, he only used two of his fingers to shake them off.

There was another while when Kim Bum’s mother permed Kim Bum’s hair, and Kim Bum who has fashion sense at that young age, did not like the hairstyle. He insisted on wearing cap when he was out. 


Kim Jun who acted as Song Woo Bin in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a adorable and innocent baby when borned!

As Kim Jun is very particular to food during young, he was very thin and short at that time. Kim Jun grows a great resemblence to his father who has a pair of big bright eyes. During babyhood, when Kim Jun got a shock or just woke up, his eyes will turn even bigger. So since young, he got a nickname by “Bull Eye” (as he was born in year 1985 which is the year of Ox).

When young, Kim Jun’s mother will bring Kim Jun along to supermarket, and almost everytime she will lost him there. She will need to make broadcast news to search for him. Kim Jun will walk around and receive free snacks and love given by the aunties inside the supermarket till her mother finally found him.

(source – zaobao, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Flower Boys During Childhood (Part 1 – Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho)


Kim Hyun Joong who acted as Yoon JiHoon (Jihoon Sunbae) in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a smart boy during childhood days! He has started to stand even before learning how to crawl when he was only a 9 month old baby.

Since young, he was a fast learner as compared to his elder brother (1 year older). He is very sensitive to numbers and excels in Mathematics. He has topped his school several times with his outstanding results.

Kim Hyun Joong also has flair for arts and music. His guitar instructor revealed saying, “He can catch things fast. Those which require at least 3 years of learning, he can catch them within 3 months time!”.


 Lee Min Ho who acted as “Gu Jun Pyo” in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a flower boy since young due to his pair of sparkling big eyes. There are many talent agencies eyeing on him when he was only a child!

Korea entertainment scene has almost lost a flower boy today. Lee Min Ho’s mother revealed saying, “There was once when I brought Min Ho to the amusement centre and i lost him there. Luckily, Min Ho was wearing a chain which has our home address written on it, and a kind soul brought him home based on the trace.”

Lee Min Ho weighted 3.2kg when he was borned. As he has poor respiratory system, when comes to change of season, he’ll tend to catch flu easily and has poor appetite. This causes him to have difficulties in gaining weight. It is only when he started to learn taekwondo then his health got stronger.

Since young, Lee Min Ho has been very smart and alert. He can start to call “Mother” before other babies at the same age started to learn to talk. His childhood dream was to become a soccer player. In order to realize this dream, he has spent 4 years training very hard.

(source – zaobao, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

SS501 to Perform Their New Song at Seoul Concert


(Translated from Chosun) Boy group, SS501, will be performing their new song for the first time to the public at their Seoul Concert which begins on 1st August.

It has been announced initially that the public performance of the new song is to be scheduled on mid August. But there have been changes now and they will make public performance of this song on their 1st Asia Concert in Seoul instead. To prevent leakage of the new song, tight security measures have been taken before their actual concert.

This is SS501 first Asia Concert since they debuted. Fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and many Asian countries are expected to visit Korea for this concert.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)