Korea Fashion – Oversize Long Top (Popular!)

Oversize long tops are dominating the korea summer fashion scene now. It is comfortable to wear and comes in different creative designs/colour. Today, i have picked up some designs which are hippy and attractive. With a simple tights/leggings, you can be a fashionista too! ^^






7 Responses

  1. Love all the fashions in ur blog….

  2. hi!~ i love the clothes in this post, can i ask u where is the website that sell this clothes? especially the 4th picture??? can send me the website?


  3. hi steph, you can get it from g market (korea) online. ^^

  4. oh okie…
    but i am afraid there may be some language problem…
    i dont noe korean, and by the way, can they send the clothes to singapore? have you buy clothes from the websites? i really no experience, can help me?
    heehee…thanks for the reply…

  5. hi~ can i have the exact website of the number 4 picture. i cant find it from the gmarket online shop.
    Thanks (:

  6. hi steph~ i just checked gmarket korea website. the collection for this series is sold out as they are the summer collection.

    you can look out for more upcoming korea fashion collection series in gmarket website. there is a English site for gmarket also ^^ you can click at the upper right hand corner of the website (gmarket.co.kr)

  7. I Love the clothes ,,can I get it no 2 and a152 ???
    I’m very Love it.

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