Flower Boys During Childhood (Part 2 – Kim Bum & Kim Jun)


Kim Bum who acted as So Yi Jung in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a cute bubbly baby when borned!

During childhood, he successfully shaked off his baby fats and gradually turned into a charming handsome looking boy. He attracted a lot of girls’ attention and many wanted to play with him during class.

Since young, Kim Bum is very particular towards cleanliness and does not like dirt on his body. There was once when he went playground to play and to avoid the sand from sticking onto his clothes, he only used two of his fingers to shake them off.

There was another while when Kim Bum’s mother permed Kim Bum’s hair, and Kim Bum who has fashion sense at that young age, did not like the hairstyle. He insisted on wearing cap when he was out. 


Kim Jun who acted as Song Woo Bin in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a adorable and innocent baby when borned!

As Kim Jun is very particular to food during young, he was very thin and short at that time. Kim Jun grows a great resemblence to his father who has a pair of big bright eyes. During babyhood, when Kim Jun got a shock or just woke up, his eyes will turn even bigger. So since young, he got a nickname by “Bull Eye” (as he was born in year 1985 which is the year of Ox).

When young, Kim Jun’s mother will bring Kim Jun along to supermarket, and almost everytime she will lost him there. She will need to make broadcast news to search for him. Kim Jun will walk around and receive free snacks and love given by the aunties inside the supermarket till her mother finally found him.

(source – zaobao, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)


4 Responses

  1. wee, kim bum. 🙂 sooo cute.

  2. kImbum BGT,,,,,,

  3. kimbum is so cute

    kimjun is also cute

    please check out my website

    your right they are cute but i think kim bum is more cute than kim jun

  4. ♥♥♥kim sang bum♥♥♥

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