[Jo Min Ki Star Shoot] Star Feature 1 – Goo Hye Sun



Talent Jo Min Ki is a professionial photographer. In [Jo Min Ki Star Shoot] series, artistes / celebrities are invited to do a pictorial photoshoot by him. It is titled “New Century Star Pictorial Interview“. In the first feature, Goo Hye Sun is being invited.

Although the photoshoot session was short, Jo Min Ki showed great passion and creativity in photography. As a model, Goo Hye Sun also presented versatile styles.

(source – sports chosun, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Let’s take a look at these fantastic works and the behind the scenes moments of  both of them.







2 Responses

  1. thank you 4 posting this up
    GHS’s so beautiful and lovely
    omg, her bright skin makes me jealous^^
    looking forward this photoshoot
    i wish he invites Minho to do next pictorial photoshoot

  2. done great hye sun!one factor that i like hyesun is that shes really eloquant speaker…..softy voice…….looks elegant whatever she wears…most of all beautiful inside and out>

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