Korea Travel Diary – Year 2008 Spring (Jeju-do Part 1)

IMG_0736(Gongjunim with Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방) of Jeju-do (제주도). ^^)

It has been long that i blogged on my travel diary on Korea! So now, i am going to continue on some special moments which i experienced in Korea. The second time when i went Korea was on 2008 spring season. That time i was heading for Gimpo Airport to take the domestic flight to Jeju-do. It was raining slightly. But it didnt dampen my mood at all. I was looking forward to visiting the magnificent island of South Korea – Jeju-do (제주도).

After a hour of flight, I arrived at Jeju International Airport. It was still drizzling but my exciteness on exploring this island kept me unaffected by the weather. My first stop at Jeju-do was Yongduam Rock (용두암). It is also known as the Dragon Head Rock. It was a grand sight. You can walk down the pathway down to have a closer look of the rock too. Next day, we move on to Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉). It is also known as the Sunrise Peak. The scenery was breathtakingly gorgeous. Though i didn’t climbed up to the peak (due to weather condition, very disappointed though >.<), it was still a memorable moment there. The views from all sides of the Sunrise Peak was splendid. Should you be exploring Jeju-do, you should not miss here! ^^

Not forgetting to mention here, a distinctive cultural artifact of Jeju-do is the Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방). It is known as the “stone grandfather”. They are the symbol of Jeju-do and can be seen almost everywhere there. It was said that Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방) are gods who can bless human beings with protection against demons and women with fertility.

IMG_0687Yongdaum Rock (용두암)

IMG_0706Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉)

Other views from Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉):




3 Responses

  1. arhhh!!!!
    i so wanna go korea!
    it’s so beautiful there!
    Jeju-do, a place for couples… right?
    to to with my lover…(provided i find one)

  2. yup! Jeju-do is also called the honeymoon island in Korea ^^ It is a beautiful island ❤ Yes many couples visit there. ^^

    Yes go there with your lover one day! Hee ^^

  3. I want to visit Seoul and Jeju-do. I hope I can within the next three years. *sigh*

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