Korean Drama – Kim Bum at “Dream” Filming Site

kb3(Translated from newsen) In order to become a martial arts athlete, Kim Bum has began on body training.

Kim Bum was seen at 7am on 30th July at Yongyoo-do, Incheon, for the filming of SBS monday / tuesday drama “Dream“. Despite the early hour, the filming attracted many curious beach vacationers.

At the filming site, Kim Bum was seen with a tyre on his shoulders and running with it for 100 metres. As soon as he finished the scene, he said in a tired tone, “My legs find it too difficult to walk now.” The producer and production staff who are present at the set gave a big round of applause to Kim Bum for his earnest professional efforts on completion of the tough scene.

You can catch Kim Bum’s process of body training at the 4th episode of drama “Dream” via SBS channel on 4th August at 9:55pm. 

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Kim Bum at filming site of “Dream”:



Another round of applause for the hero ~ Kim Bum! ^^


3 Responses

  1. poor kim bum ~
    hwaiting !!!!!
    he is sooo handsome and cute ^^

  2. i like ur performance. if u go on with this effort then u will be one of the best actor. go on

  3. hi kimbum hoping to see you in personalilovey

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