Goo Hye Sun at Soup Fashion Shoot Interview Video Clip

Goo Hye Sun is being interviewed by Wide News Show while she is having her photoshoot for Korea women fashion brand “Soup”.

A short summary of the interview:

Wide News: What kind of photoshoot are you doing today?
Goo Hye Sun: The photoshoot concept today is the daily life of a princess. The costumes looked very beautiful.

Wide News: What is your usual clothing style?
Goo Hye Sun: I like to put on comfortable wear. It seems that the costume styles are too beautiful.

Wide News: How to cover one’s shortcomings in wearing clothes?
Goo Hye Sun: To have a perfect body line, it is good to wear high waist skirt. (Sorry, i am not too sure about the full translation here. >.<)

Wide News: What kind of man looks do you like?
Goo Hye Sun: A good-looking and comfortable-looking face. A flower boy will be the best. (The TV referred to her descriptions as similiar to Goo Jun Pyo in “Boys over Flowers” drama.)

Wide News: It has been said in the news reports that you’ll be releasing a music album in October?
Goo Hye Sun: It is true that i am doing the music compositions of my new movie. But the music album release date is yet to be confirmed. I hope the release of the music album will be soon.

Wide News: Are there many differences between your music style and producer Yang Hyun Suk?
Goo Hye Sun: Though producer Yang Hyun Suk does not really know my music style, he helped me a lot during the music composition process.

Lastly, Goo Hye Sun extended her greetings to Wide News Show audience saying:

As the weather has turned warmer now, hope all of you will take care well. I am doing fine now and hope everybody will stay happy always.

(Sorry for my poor translations though. Hope all of you will enjoy the video! Goo Hye Sun simply looks gorgeous in princess fashion styles! ^^)

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  1. She sure does


  3. Goo Hye Sun Saranghae yoo…^o^

  4. i love you hye sun…

    goodluck to your career..

  5. COOL !!

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