Korea Fashion – Lee Seung Gi vs Kim Hyun Joong in Same T-Shirt


Recently other than the topic of handsome boys, their clothing style has become a hot discussing topic among young Korean girls too. Today, let’s take a look at the fashion brought by Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyun Joong who both wore the same T-shirt at different occasions.

Lee Seung Gi was saw wearing the T-shirt at KBS show “2Days 1Night” in June while Kim Hyun Joong was saw wearing the T-shirt at a fan sign event last month.

The T-shirt which both Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyun Joong wore is a product designed by Japan’s fashion casual brand “Ne-net”. The T-shirt costs 121,000 won.

During KBS show “2Days 1Night”, Lee Seung Gi was seen putting on the T-shirt together with pyjamas after showering. The looks he projected is more of denim casual style.

During the fan sign event, Kim Hyun Joong was seen with the T-shirt. He matched the T-shirt together with a pink jacket, black pants and black boots. He also wore white bangles and a black watch. His overall presentation was really a great one.

To summarise, in Korea’s summer fashion scene now, artistic illustration casual T-shirt is a popular fashion pick! By putting on a casual T-shirt, you can come up with different fashion stylings. Whether is Lee Seung Gi or Kim Hyun Joong, both definitely portray two different fashion feel on this cute cat illustrated T-shirt!

(source: 스포츠서울닷컴, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)



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