Korea Music – G Dragon’s Solo Album “Heartbreaker” Concept Photos Released


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Big Bang’s G Dragon first solo album “Heartbreaker” concept photos were released to the public today.

During each album release, G Dragon will always challenge daring fashionista styles such as pony-hair style, mohigan etc. For his first solo album which is going to be released on coming 18th August, he took on the fashion concept of blond hair style.

In the solo album photos, G Dragon’s blond hair and strong makeup of his eyes have captured many fans’ attention. His bloodless lips and inexpressive face are also stunning.

G Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment said, “G Dragon has joined our company since he was 13 years old. During this period, other than being Big Bang’s member, he also took on the role of producer and produced many hit songs. After 10 years, he is going to release his first solo album.” “In his first solo album, there will be a total of 10 songs which song styles are not shown in Big Bang during this period. G Dragon’s musical talents are all well represented inside.”

During this period, YG Entertainment head, Yang Hyun Suk, is also involved in the co-production together with G Dragon for his solo album. In addition, YG’s producer Teddy and other composers from Sweden, Japan and America also joined in for the album co-production and all had a fun collaboration.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)



Other than G Dragon’s solo album concept photos, 3 of his songs (30 secs preview) are also released earlier. They are “Heartbreaker”, “Butterfly” and “소년이여 (Boy)”. 

Video audio preview of “Heartbreaker“, “Butterfly” and “소년이여 (Boy)”

Video audio preview of “Wussup” is also released (via Mnet 2NE1 TV) yesterday:

G Dragon’s music + fashion styles are really impressive!
Looking forward to 18th August! ^^


3 Responses

  1. yeah who cant wait al ppl starta talkin about his album al his fan cant waite even me al thogh i love t.o.p more

    so i wish this heart breaker best luck & a happy birthday

    Jiyong oppa fighting ❤

  2. I’m korean so my english will strange,
    but I love you GD.

    8월 당신의 달이야 🙂

    가자 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hi HJ, no worries! your English is ok. 걱정하지 마세요! ^^

    yes~ GD hwaiting! ❤

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