Korea Buzz – F4 Japanese Pictorial Book Releasing in Korea

(Translated from뉴스엔) F4’s popularity still remains consistently high in Korea after the drama has ended for almost 6 months.

Earlier on this year, the main cast (Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon) of “Boys over Flowers” drama has created a series of syndrome due to the hit of the drama. F4 Japanese pictorial book has reached the first place in the book reservations on the first day of its launch release in Korea today. The online booking sales of the pictorial book has also reached first place on 13th August in Japan.

The pictorial book is titled “SOFF” which means Story of Four Flowers. In this pictorial book, other than still photos captured from “Boys over Flowers” drama, there are also each individual F4 member photos in their daily life. There are a total of 168 colour pages which also include the beautiful scenery of Korea. 

The pre-orders of the pictorial book are currently taking place in Korea and Japan. It is mentioned in the press release that a “F4 Special Video DVD” and poster are given free together with advance pre-order of the book. The pictorial book will be officially released on 5th September.

The pictorial photoshoot is taken place in February this year despite their busy schedule in “Boys over Flowers” drama filming.  After the drama filming has ended, each F4 member were busy with their individual work and it is difficult to put them all together in activities. It is evaluated that this pictorial book will be the last work of the F4 members together.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)






Trailer Promo Video of F4 Japanese pictorial book:


3 Responses

  1. Im a big fan of boys over flowers and I wish them luck!! Love U Kim Hyun Joong !!!!

  2. I like f4 viedo.
    And lee min ho, can you tell me your g-mail account?
    I wait your letter.
    You can always remerber me that flower girl.
    You are my first human.

  3. Hello…! Number you

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