Korea Fashion – 2NE1 in FILA F/W 2009 Ad


(Translated from 아시아경제) Catch 2NE1 showing their own charms in FILA F/W 2009 ad.

Recently, 2NE1 were engaged in the fashion ad shoot for Italian sports brand FILA F/W season. Inside the ad shoot, the four of them presented 4 different attractive colours.

The ad shoot was taken based on retro-modern mood and the concept was “Stylish Sport”. The ad photography shoot also contained 2NE1’s each member own personality style.

In particular, 2NE1’s utilized products also stood out. And FILA has plans to introduce a special limited-edition 2NE1’s own unique fashion style series which include clothing, hats and shoes.

FILA rep said, “2NE1 has good skills and style as our models. We’re very happy with the photography.” He has also expressed satisfaction with 2NE1.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

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