Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun’s Selca Makes Netizens “Wow”


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Goo Hye Sun’s baby fair skin has made netizens go “wow”.

Recently, Goo Hye Sun has uploaded her new selca photos at her minihompy. Netizens were captivated and went on praising for her baby milky fair skin and gentle smile shown on the photos. They also gave her a title as “The representative of baby face in entertainment industry”.

In particular, Goo Hye Sun’s flawless milky fair skin and bright large eyes have lead to increasing netizens’ praises and surprised reactions. Netizens commented on the photos, “She is definitely a flour doll.”, “She is not a doll”, while admiring on Goo Hye Sun’s beauty.  

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)


She is so beautiful! Love her flawless baby fair skin! ❤ ^^


6 Responses

  1. i agree!!! HS eoni is very pretty! I love her skin!!

  2. so pretty!..so natural..love hye sun!

  3. she so preety and simple!!!she’s also talented,,,,, i really like her!!!

  4. i really really love hye sun goo…

    shes soooo pretty and sooo talented..

    hope to see her soon…

  5. i love GOO HYE SUN so so much..she`s beautiful inside & out..plus the fact that she`s a multi-talented actress makes me admire her more & more..i pray for her more good projects sooner…

  6. Your so pReTtY goo hye sun..

    I hope you come and visit philippine..

    M0re power to you..

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