Lee Min Ho’s Etude House Promo – Singapore Trip Schedule


Lee Min Ho will be dropping by Singapore for Etude House promo trip on 24th October. You can check out more details on his trip schedule as below:

24/10/2009 (Sat)
12:30pm: Arrives Singapore (via Singapore Airlines from Taipei)
2:30pm: Press Conference @ Raffles Hotel
4:00pm: Special Appearance as Shop Manager @ Etude House 
                 (Plaza Singapura outlet)
5:00pm: “Etude House Party” @ St James Power Station Movida 
                 (Closed-door private event for 50 VIPs & 100 fans)

25/10/2009 (Sun)
Lee Min Ho will be taking his free time to browse around Singapore and will leave Singapore for Korea at night.


Fans of Lee Min Ho, do not miss out this exclusive chance!


56 Responses

  1. Thx for ur informtion.. btw how to get VIP ticket at Etude House Party???

  2. thanks for the update! finally we hear something about their schedule :p

  3. hi diana~

    i am not too sure on how to get VIP tickets as i supposed the VIPs are for merchandise sponsors for this event ^^

  4. Lee Min Ho visit Singapore :

    A very warm welcome to Singapore !
    His schedule is tight,
    he has only 1 relexing day for him to go around singapore…..

    Don’t miss our Singapore Foods !

    Have a good time here !


  5. hi….

    thx for ur information… R u from korea?

  6. Hi!!! does anyone know how they would choose the 100 fans who get to go to the Etude House Party???

  7. Do you have a ticket for party with Lee min ho at singapore ??

    I need it 🙂

  8. hi diana~ thank you for visiting my blog~
    i am not from korea ^^

  9. I need a ticket too!!!!!

  10. is the timing confirmed?are we allowed to go to the airport?

  11. hi ju & joy~ sorry i do not have tickets to etude house party.

    hi dollfee, i not sure if they have made changes to his arrival flight. but this info is what i saw through media ^^

  12. what kind of places he will be visiting on d second day in sg???

  13. Do you know the details of his flight schedule?

  14. I went to the Etude House branch in Plaza Singapura tonight and got 30+ worth of products. The girl at the counter got two tickets from the top of the pile, but before handing it to me, she stopped and switched one of them. She left the switched one on the side of the pile and got another ticket at the bottom of the pile.

    At that point, I felt she switched the winning one with a non-winning ticket. So while holding the two tickets in my hand, I looked her in the eye and asked her if these were the winning tickets? She avoided my gaze, looked down, and said uh huh. It became obvious she was lying and that she switched the original winning ticket on the top with a non-winning one at the bottom. 😦

    I think this ticket distribution is dishonest. It’s not luck at all but selection at the check-out counter. So be careful when you go to the Etude House Plaza Singapura branches. The girl at the check-out counter is Korean and she tells all the other Singaporean sales ladies to go back to the shop floor when she punches at the cash register. I think it’s to try and hide her “ticket switching”.

  15. I’m gonna try my luck later on! haha..

    you guys gonna go to the airport and PS too? is there any fans meet up? lol… This will be fun!

  16. ya,agreeing to karolyn..myb we should meet up and go to the airport..

  17. How much must i pay to go and see Lee Min Ho at St John Power House

  18. I am so fetching him from the airport and sending him backkkkkk!!!!

  19. sue noona-you knw exactly which part of the airport he’ll be at?

  20. there isnt any fanclub organising is there?

    so what time at night is he leaving? he is going to tk SQ back to korea? so little info!!

  21. dear readers,

    as what i know, lee minho will be departing singapore for malaysia on 25th october.

    thank you for visiting my blog~

    hope all of u will be able to catch lee minho during his tour in singapore! ^^

  22. so that means the public can meet him for free during the 4pm event?

  23. but i thought he came 2 singapore 4 de Etude house opening at ion orchard?????

  24. hi! for Lee min ho party, u gotta spend $15 for etude’s products to get 1 lucky coupon! Last time, I spenr quite a sum and I got around nearly 10 coupons! Out of that 10 coupons, luckily, I get 1 for Lee Min Ho party, but it’s just for joining the party as it has only 1 cat face!
    1 cat face: u can join the party [100 coupons]
    2 cat faces: u can join the party and take part in Lee Min Ho’s signing event [20 coupons]
    3 cat faces [8 coupons]: party ticket + Q&A time with LMH
    4 cat faces [2 coupons] : party ticket + VIP time with LMH

    I’ve already had 1 ticket to the party but I’m not sure whether I can go or not!
    Good luck u guys!

    • Will you be selling the tickets if you are not going for the party?

    • Hello there! Hi let me introduce myself I am Raihanah.I really need the ticket if you can give me can you give me….I really need it…Please…I will become you Best Friend Forever…I really wish you ca give me the ticket..Hope you can give me the ticket anything sms me at 98402704..ok thank you!!!!

  25. Please let me know if anyone is selling the tickets to any of his event. Tks !

  26. anybody knows what time is minho’s flight timing from taiwan??

  27. will anyone here snap shots of him tomorrow?

  28. I also want the TICKET!!!

  29. heyhye ! anybody selling th ticket ?
    can contact me through my blog ! please please !
    or amanda_1885_jolin@hotmail.com

  30. anyone who has the ticket, any ticket, ‘
    really badly need ticket, willing to buy them in good price. Pls feel free to offer a good price at this email : fokpop@yahoo.com.sg

    will meet up at Pla Sing? Thanks..:)

  31. I promise you.If Lee Min Ho ever comes to Singapore again and there is a private event,I WILL DEFINATLEY MAKE SURE THAT I GET MY HANDS ON THOSE TICKETS!!!!

  32. Where will he be going to relax on Sunday? I really wished to see him but I can’t go to ION):

  33. I’m sorry to ask now , but hope someone would reply me asap .
    As , is lee min ho going to the ( Plaza singapore outlet ) or the ( ION orchard outlet ) ?

  34. hi, im selling my ticket. Contact me at 81277132. ASAP

  35. hello anybody know when , what time , which terminal lee min ho leaving singapore… ?

  36. Does anybody know what time is Lee Min Ho’s flight tomorrow?Which terminal and which arline?
    Please reply ASAP!!!!!

  37. and is he going to Korea or Malaysia?

  38. I heard that he’s taking Silk Air MI336
    to Malayia… 25th Oct 2009 at 12.50pm… T2

  39. Anyone knws what time is his flight tmrw? i went to plaza sing today but didn’t get to see him after 45 mins of waiting&cramming . then they said it was cancelled. , so dissapointing. Hopefully will get to see him tmrw in the airport.

    please reply ASAP !

  40. Can anyone tell me which terminal ? What time ? Please .

    will there be a similar event held? like change of dates or venues?

    pls reply ASAP! thanks((:

  42. dear readers,

    thank you for your comments.

    lee min ho will be heading to malaysia tmr noon.

    as i understand, he will be taking flight MI336.

    thank you for visiting my blog~

  43. emm , what time will it be ?

  44. His flight: MI336, Terminal 2, Check-in row 11 (whatever that means. lol), departure gate F59, departure time 12.50pm.

    I have no idea what time I’m supposed to go there. LOL. What if he already checked in at 12pm? T_T

  45. OH MAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!! I wont be able to make it!!!!!!!!!!DDDDDDDD=
    BYEBYE LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Time ? Terminal ? Please reply , asap ~

  47. When will he come Singapore again ?
    Gahh , I missed him ):
    I want to see him ..
    Sucha disappointment , none of the fans get to see him at the Plaza Singapura . Hope they’ll make up for it .

  48. im so pissed at those stupid fans..you guys want to see him but ou guys don’t want to obey the instructions..thanks to you guys they cancelled:(

  49. hi mariayn,

    i am not sure on when lee minho will make his next visit again. if it does have, i’ll blog again. thank you for visiting my blog. ^^

    hi dollfee,

    i understand your feelings and it is also not within the control. i sincerely hope there are not bashes towards others inside my blog. i am sure there will be next chance you can catch lee minho in singapore again! ^^

  50. sorry if i create any unhappiness but it’s true..btw,you are a great person:)thks for blogging abt him:)

  51. YAH!!! IRRITATING FANS! so stubborn! and also, poor security guards. D: anw. really hope that lee minho will make his visit to singapore again. hahas. i wanna see him. the 180 ppl are super lucky !!!!! tsk.

  52. hi dollfee,

    thank you for your kind understanding! ^^ thank you for your well comment. i will continue to bring more news on lee minho if there are any.

    hope you have enjoyed your stay at my blog!~

  53. Hic hic..my dear friend came Singapore to see Minho…jeaous T-T…oh my, she came here without ticket but fortunately, she got it, she said she saw him from near distance and she also followed him to Malaysia…today she comes back Viet Nam…lucky girl…

  54. Hi!
    lee min ho….
    How are you?
    what are you doing?
    ” ever abettor..”

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