Exclusive – Lee Min Ho’s First Fan Meeting in Singapore

Fans of Lee Min Ho in Singapore has something to anticipate!

Lee Min Ho will be having his first fan meeting session in Singapore.

You can find the details of his fan meeting as below:

Event Title: MINOZ, The First Asia Fan Meeting – First Love…with Singapore
Date / Time: 21 December 2009 (Monday) @ 8pm
Venue: The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo
Ticket price range: S$188, S$148, S$98 (exclude booking fees)

This event is brought together by Starhaus Entertainment and UnUsUal Entertainment.

Ticket will go on sale on December 1 from 9am onwards.

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Korea Buzz – Kim Hyun Joong Voted No. 1 by Taiwan Netizens

(Translated from 아시아투데이) Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity is on wide spread through his role “Jihoon Sunbae” in Taiwan.

According to Yahoo!Korea on November 30, Kim Hyun Joong is leading at 1st position with overwhelming votes from Taiwan netizens for “Asia Category” in “2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards”.

“2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards” is an awards ceremony brought together by Yahoo!Korea, Yahoo!Taiwan and Yahoo!Hongkong in which top stars are being selected for their popularity.

At “Asia Popular Star” category, candidates including SS501, Super Junior, Goo Hye Sun and Lee Jun Ki are at top 10 positions and it shows Hallyu wave is taking Taiwan strongly. 

“Boys over Flowers” drama which is aired earlier on this year has gained high popularity in Taiwan. After Kim Hyun Joong who is ranked at 1st position, Goo Hye Sun is ranked at 6th position, Lee Min Ho at 11th position and Kim Bum at 22th position. Kim Hyun Joong’s group SS501 is also ranked at 2nd position.

After SS501, Super Junior is ranked at 4th position. Actor Lee Jun Ki and actress Yoon Eun Hye who are gaining popularity in Taiwan are ranked at 8th and 9th position respectively.

Super Junior is ranked at 5th position by netizens for Asia category in Yahoo!Hongkong and this shows their popularity across Taiwan and Hongkong.

In addition, the voting for each country’s best star will continue till December 4. The awards ceremony will be held at Hongkong on December 14.

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Goo Hye Sun at “2010 Andre Kim Best Star Awards”

(Translated from 한국일보) “Best Star Awards”, sponsored by Korea’s representative fashion designer, Andre Kim, was held at Andre Kim Atelier in Gyeonggi-Do on November 27. Actresses including Goo Hye Sun, Kim Ah Joong, Song Soon Ah, Lee Bo Young, Lee Soo Kyung, Han Chae Young and actors including Kim Bum, Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Wan, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Gyu Woon attended the awards ceremony.

Quoted from 한국일보 article:
Goo Hye Sun is the only female artiste who puts on a mini one-piece and she radiates youth lively charm.

Here is another TV report from YTN which also praises Goo Hye Sun:

Watch the TV report @ here

(Summary of YTN report: The 1st 2 parts are the same and as explained in 한국일보 article. Next in particular, the actresses put on the dresses made by Andre Kim personally and attended the event. Among all the awardees, Goo Hye Sun is the only one who puts on a mini one-piece and she radiates her own youth lively charisma to one heart’s content.)

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Exclusive picture: Kim Bum in full charisma

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun at “2010 Andre Kim Best Star Awards”:

Love Goo Hye Sun’s dress and new look! ^^

Korea Buzz – “2010 Andre Kim Best Star Awards”

(Awards Ceremony – Female Stars)

(“Christmas Fashion Art Collection” & Awards Ceremony – Male Stars)

(Translated from 스포츠서울TV) “2010 Andre Kim Best Star Awards” which is sponsored by international fashion designer, Andre Kim, was held yesterday night.

This event has come to its 4th consecutive year and in this year, it is is held at “Andre Kim Design Atelier” located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-Do on November 27. Song Yoon Ah, Han Chae Young, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Bo Young, Kim Ah Joong, Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Bum, Park Jin Woo, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo Seung Ho attended the awards ceremony on this day.

In particular, “Christmas Fashion Art Collection” is also held in conjunction with the awards ceremony. Jeon Do Yeon, Song Yoon Ah, Lee Young Ae, Kim Yu Na, Park Sang Hyun, together with other 20 awardees, are presented with an award for their contribution to the general public culture and arts and sports development.

In addition, the awardees who attended the ceremony dressed up as “Christmas Fashion Fantasia” model and this added on to a glamourous stage decoration.

◆ Winners List

● Star Award (Male) – Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Tae Sung, Park Jin Woo, Lee Wan

● Star Award (Female) – Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Song Yoon Ah, Han Chae Young, Kim Ah Joong, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Bo Young, Lee Soo Kyung, Park Bo Young, Lee Si Young

● Star Award (Sports) – Kim Yu Na, Shin Ji Ae, Park Sang Hyun

● Announcer Award – Choi Ki Hwan (SBS Announcer)

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Another Video Report on “2010 Andre Kim Best Star Awards”:

(video credits: POPPINKYPOP & haiyeo)

Korea Buzz – “Emergency” Movie Media Screening

(Translated from 아시아경제) Kim Bum attended the media screening ceremony for movie “Emergency” which is held in Wangsimni CGV at 2pm on November 27.

“Emergency” will be released in all cinemas on December 10.

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The other main leads including Kim Byul, Kim Bum, Director Park Jeong Hun and Lee Chae Young also attended the media screening. 

More pictures at movie “Emergency” media screening:

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho at First Japan Solo Fan Meeting

(Translated from 연합뉴스) Drama “Boys over Flowers” main actor Lee Min Ho has held his first Japan solo fan meeting “Minoz JAPAN First Event” at Tokyo Shibuya CeCe Hall on November 26. This event is held twice in a day. There is an estimate of about 4000 Japan fans who attended this event.

After much excitment coming from the audience, Lee Min Ho entered the event venue and greeted in Japanese to his fans, “I have been waiting for this day to come to Japan.” He said, “Last month, I have been busy with visits, TV ad and overseas events etc in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.” “And in ahead, I also want to continue to be busy.”

And also, referring to the release of his first travel pictorial book “旅-Travel with MINHO”, he added on saying, “I love the streets of Japan, I have proposed to take a travel pictorial book like this in Japan also.”  

At the question corner, with regards to his role as Goo Joon Pyo, he said, “If the person who I like said that she dislikes me, I will go to verify what are the questions and from there I will work hard to adjust to her.”

At another question on how he would make a proposal, he said, “I will prepare as what you seen from the stage today.” “I have a special confession to make, “Will you marry me”, and after confession, I will present her with a ring as present and with a knee down pose directly. After saying, the event venue is filled with cheers.

After the 2 hours fan meeting ended, Lee Min Ho exited the event venue with fans rising up and their loud applause and cheers.

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Picture of Lee Min Ho at First Japan Solo Fan Meeting:

Lee Min Ho is really as sweet as his role “Goo Joon Pyo” in real life! ^^

Korea Buzz – Kim Joon Confirmed of Swine Flu on November 26

(Translated from 스타뉴스) “Boys over Flowers” actor cum singer Kim Joon has been confirmed of swine flu today.

According to a broadcast official on November 26, Kim Joon visited a hospital and has been confirmed of swine flu. Here after that, Kim Joon has been given Tamiflu prescription for stability and to aid his health condition.

The official said, “Kim Joon has been confirmed of swine flu in the hospital today.” “There seems to be a considerable impact on his upcoming broadcast schedule and events.”

Initially, Kim Joon is scheduled to attend an event for 2 days and 1 night at Philippines, Manila on November 30.

But as Kim Joon is confirmed of swine flu and has also been given Tamiflu now, the decision whether he will participate in the event will need to depend on when he will be fully recovered.

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Get well soon, Kim Joon! Hwaiting!~

Korea Buzz – HIGH CUT Choice Featuring Year 2009 Drama Best Couple

Korea magazine, HIGH CUT, has released an announcement vote on November 19. This announcement vote is for HIGH CUT magazine issue 18.

The vote question is: Who is Year 2009 Drama Best Couple?

The nominees for this vote include: Goo Joon Pyo ♥ Geum Jandi (“Boys over Flowers” drama), Tae Bong Lee ♥ Chun Ji Ae (“Queen of Housewives” drama), Jo Gook ♥ Shin Mi Rae (“City Hall” drama) and Kim Hyun Joon ♥ Choi Seung Hee (“IRIS” drama).

The ranking results as at November 25 are as below:

1. Goo Joon Pyo ♥ Geum Jandi (“Boys over Flowers” drama) – 45.3%
2. Tae Bong Lee ♥ Chun Ji Ae (“Queen of Housewives” drama) – 21.1%
3.  Kim Hyun Joon ♥ Choi Seung Hee (“IRIS” drama) – 20.3%
4. Jo Gook ♥ Shin Mi Rae (“City Hall” drama) – 13.3%

Each person is only allowed to cast 1 vote per day. The final voting results can be found at High Cut magazine issue 18 which is going to be released for sale from December 4 onwards.

(source credit: HIGH CUT + gongjunim.wordpress.com)

My vote goes to Goo Joon Pyo ♥ Geum Jandi couple!! ❤

Korea Fashion – Character Winter Pullover Wear

As winter season is coming soon next week, Gongjunim has picked up some latest releases of character winter pullover wear in Korea fashion scene! They are really cute and street fashionable! ^^

I really adore Korea’s winter fashion wear~ (will bring my Korea winter fashion picks soon again~)

Hope you will like my fashion picks!~

Boys over Flowers Cast at Brokore Magazine December Issue

The cast of Boys over Flowers drama are being featured in japanese magazine, Brokore (December issue). The report highlights on their Yokohama promo trip in early September. Kim Hyun Joong could not attend this photoshoot (above) as he was sick.

(source credit: 아딸라 + gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Love the contrast that Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun are featured in black while Kim Bum and Kim Joon are featured in white!~ ^^

More scanned pictures of Brokore magazine (December issue):