Korea Buzz – Kim Bum to Release His First Single Album at Japan Fan Meeting


(Translated from 매일경제) Actor Kim Bum has left Korea on 7th October for his fan meeting in Japan.

On 8th November 3pm, Kim Bum will have a fan meeting together with 1500 fans at Osaka NHK Hall. It is the second time he will be meeting his fans again after his last meeting session in year 2008.

In particular, Kim Bum will be launching his first single album at this fan meeting and many fans are in high anticipation of it now.

Kim Bum first single album includes his new title song “Christmas Eve’s Sky” and also the japanese version of his solo song “I Am Going To Meet Her Now” which is kept in “F4 Special Edition” album. In addition, you can get to view the process of the making of the album and Kim Bum’s pictorial as he turned from a flower boy to an artist inside the DVD video.

After his fan meeting, Kim Bum will move on to Tokyo and he will be having interview sessions with various media such as TBS TV. Kim Bum will be staying in Japan for a period of 5 days 4 nights for this promotional trip.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)


Kim Bum’s first single album trailer:

Kim Bum looking really cool!~ Hwaiting! ^^


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