Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho Surprise Revealed, “Kim Soo Ro is a Computer Illiterate”


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Actor Lee Min Ho revealed that Kim Soo Ro is a computer illiterate.

At KBS “Entertainment Relay” programme aired on November 14, Lee Min Ho has revealed the truth that Kim Soo Roo cannot use computer well.

Kim Soo Roo who participated in “Good Downloader Campaign” was being asked a question, “What kind of downloads do you received?” and he confessed, “Honestly, I cannot receive downloads.” Lee Min Ho then revealed his own witnessed sight.

Lee Min Ho expressed, “In order to receive download, you need to key in your own user ID and password. But Kim Soo Roo has typed his ID in the address bar instead.” After saying, everyone present was in laughters.

In order to spread the message of being a good right downloader while proudly enjoying movie, “Good Downloader Campaign” committee chairperson Ahn Sung-ki, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Soo Roo, Park Bo Young, Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, Im Soo Jung, Director Park Chan-ok, Director Jang Jin, Director Bong Joon Ho, Director Park Gwang Choon have came participating together as supporters in in this event.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Video of KBS “Entertainment Relay” Report (Nov 14) on “Good Downloader Campaign” Event:

“The part on Goo Hye Sun is cute!” 

2 Responses

  1. what did ghs say??

  2. hi bluebunny~

    goo hye sun was being asked by the MC, what kind of movie style will you choose to film for all of you (ahn sung ki, lee min ho, park bo young, kim soo roo and herself)?

    she replied. “family talk”.

    the MC followed by asking, “what kind of roles will you assign to them?”

    she replied, ahn sung ki will play the role of father, kim soo roo as the 1st child (brother), she as the 2nd child, lee min ho as the 3rd child and park bo young as the youngest child.

    and when asked by the MC, what kind of movie genre will it be?

    she replied “thriller”.

    she’s so cute in her answers!! ^^

    thanks bluebunny for visiting my blog <3!!

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