Goo Hye Sun at “Good Downloader Supporter Day” Event

Gongjunim has gathered some photos of Goo Hye Sun at “Good Downloader Supporter Day” event held on November 10.

This picture below is simply funny!

The male fan is trying to give a surprise hug which shocked Goo Hye Sun. 

The netizen wrote,
“Joon Pyo is influentially there at the event – 
And the male fan just gave such a hug like that ha ha ha ;;;”

I really feel Goo Hye Sun adores her fans a lot affectionately! Jjang! ^^

Here is another picture! (Lee Min Ho is also featured in it ^^)

The netizen wrote,
“And, Goo Hye Sun ^^
Now a respectable – Writer and Director~
For the sake of Korean movies, the dignified appearance as shown!! Her hat is very cute >,<

Here is my favourite picture!~ 

Goo Hye Sun in deep thoughts~ Simply cute and lovely! ❤ 

(credit –, pengu81 + miniyunyun @cyworld )

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun at “Good Downloader Supporter Day” event:

I am going to miss her till next year spring!
Looking forward to Goo Hye Sun’s first long movie! ^^


5 Responses

  1. i will miss her so much! but i also can’t wait for her movie hyesun is very talented and very pretty

  2. hahahha, can see that you really DO love her a lot! 😀
    i admire her natural personal attitude as well (:

  3. gongjunim, thanks so much for the wonderful pics..these pics of Hye Sun with the fans hugging her are actually what i`m waiting for & finally you bring them here..i just enjoy looking at it as i wanna hug her personally if given the chance..i admire this girl so much..

    Hye Sun fighting !!!

  4. hi yuna~ yes~ i also can’t wait to have a look at hye sun’s new directed movie~ ^^

    hi mireen~ hee hee yes i really support hye sun much! for a reason, she is simply talented! ^^

    hi luvghs~ you are welcome!~ glad you enjoyed the pics~ i also feel happy about it~ hope hye sun’s new directed movie will be a successful one~ hwaiting~ ^^

  5. hyesun like you as an actress and as a true person!!!

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