Boys over Flowers Cast at Brokore Magazine December Issue

The cast of Boys over Flowers drama are being featured in japanese magazine, Brokore (December issue). The report highlights on their Yokohama promo trip in early September. Kim Hyun Joong could not attend this photoshoot (above) as he was sick.

(source credit: 아딸라 +

Love the contrast that Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun are featured in black while Kim Bum and Kim Joon are featured in white!~ ^^

More scanned pictures of Brokore magazine (December issue):


5 Responses

  1. wanna this… how can get???

  2. hi diana~

    this magazine is published only in japan.. i think it is only available in japan.. i am not sure if it is being carried online.. u can check out online for it ^^

    i do not have the actual magazine~ these are only the scanned images i have ^^

    thank you for visiting my blog!~ ^^

  3. thanks for sharing news about BOF casts even after the drama…i love your news about Hyesun eoni! I miss her so much on screen…I hope she goes to Andre Kim event on friday (27th) and maybe she will wear a dress this time hehehe

  4. hi yuna~

    you are most welcome~

    i love goo hye sun~ she is really talented!~ ^^

    thank you for your visit to my blog!~

    hope to see you around soon kk! ^^

  5. thanks for this..i observe Minho & Hye Sun always wear the same color & their outfits are sometimes with almost same styles..wondering if they have the same stylist huh?!!

    i miss BOF casts esp Hye Sun & i`m happy that for the 2nd time around, BOF will be shown on tv again in our country..BOF fever is not yet over..

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