Korea Buzz – Kim Hyun Joong Voted No. 1 by Taiwan Netizens

(Translated from 아시아투데이) Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity is on wide spread through his role “Jihoon Sunbae” in Taiwan.

According to Yahoo!Korea on November 30, Kim Hyun Joong is leading at 1st position with overwhelming votes from Taiwan netizens for “Asia Category” in “2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards”.

“2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards” is an awards ceremony brought together by Yahoo!Korea, Yahoo!Taiwan and Yahoo!Hongkong in which top stars are being selected for their popularity.

At “Asia Popular Star” category, candidates including SS501, Super Junior, Goo Hye Sun and Lee Jun Ki are at top 10 positions and it shows Hallyu wave is taking Taiwan strongly. 

“Boys over Flowers” drama which is aired earlier on this year has gained high popularity in Taiwan. After Kim Hyun Joong who is ranked at 1st position, Goo Hye Sun is ranked at 6th position, Lee Min Ho at 11th position and Kim Bum at 22th position. Kim Hyun Joong’s group SS501 is also ranked at 2nd position.

After SS501, Super Junior is ranked at 4th position. Actor Lee Jun Ki and actress Yoon Eun Hye who are gaining popularity in Taiwan are ranked at 8th and 9th position respectively.

Super Junior is ranked at 5th position by netizens for Asia category in Yahoo!Hongkong and this shows their popularity across Taiwan and Hongkong.

In addition, the voting for each country’s best star will continue till December 4. The awards ceremony will be held at Hongkong on December 14.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

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