Goo Hye Sun Showers Love to Children

Gongjunim has blogged earlier on in July on Goo Hye Sun visiting a disabled children medical hospital and doing volunteer activities. You can read the full article @ here.

Here are more photos and report from YG WITH that I have found.

It was reported that on the day when Goo Hye Sun visited the hospital, it was raining heavily. Although there were many diffculties, it does not stop YG staff and her in coming to the hospital and participating in their volunteer activities. Each volunteer was matched to a child in helping them during their treatment. Like other volunteers, Goo Hye Sun was also assigned to a child and did her best in her volunteer activities.

Goo Hye Sun shown bright smiles to each action of the child and her expression looked so happy (picture as above). And thanks to Goo Hye Sun for being together here, all of us have a happy time. 

When the child was having fear and bursting into tears while taking the medical checkup, Goo Hye Sun also shared the worries together and her heart felt hurt too (picture as below). 

Starting from Goo Hye Sun to all other volunteers who have participated in the volunteer activities, it had been a thankful time and the children seemed to have brightened up much more now.

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Goo Hye Sun~ You really touched my heart to an extent… I almost cried when translating this article…


2 Responses

  1. goo hye sun is like an angel! she is definitely heaven scent! love her! I like how she is not announcing she does charity works but she does it to help! such a good hearted person! she is beautiful inside and out!

    • i agree with you yuna..she`s like an angel with such a pure heart not selfish of what she has..i pray that her blessings will be multiplied to be able to reach out more..

      gongjunim, thanks you so much again for this..

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