Goo Hye Sun Soompi Fan Club Launched

Dear all fans of Goo Hye Sun,

Good news for you~! Goo Hye Sun first Soompi Fan Club is launched~!
You can show your support to Hye Sun by joining this online fan club.

Please visit for more details. ^^

Let’s all spread your love for Hye Sun~! Hwaiting! ^^

Loves and thanks,

Merry X’mas from Goo Hye Sun and Rain at Tous Les Jours! ^^

12 Responses

  1. aww!! thanks for this gongjunim!! spread the Hyesun love ❤

  2. Finally, this is it..thanks gongjunim for the special space provided for Goo Hye Sun`s Soompi Fans Club..

    I hope those who love & support Goo Hye Sun could visit soompi in the link given..Feel free to join the fans club & GHS forum thread..

  3. Wow! Gongjunim this is great site! Congats to Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun for winning the best couple!

  4. a veri big kumawo hyesun 4 the big love to us ………sarangyeo

  5. Keep that great smile Goo Hye Sun.. eheh.. hope you visit Philippines! eheh.. love lots! ^_^

  6. i am a fan of goo hye sun. .. thanks for the udate

  7. hi!!!!!! g00d day!!!!!!!!
    im daisy an avid fan of goo hye sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ahm………… you know what,i reaLLy want t0 see goo hye sun in pers0n,that’s one of my biggest dream!!!!!!!!!!
    do you think,there’s a p0ssibility that my imp0ssibLe dream will coMe true????? ahm, c0uld you d0 me a
    fav0r, i want to kn0w m0re inf0rmation about her……. can you heLp me?????? pLsssssssss……….
    im begging you………. plsssssssssss
    i will wait for your resp0nse……..

  8. hi daisy~ firstly, thank you for visiting my blog ^^ i am sorry that i cannot help you on it as i do not know how to~ nevertheless, i will still blog news on hyesun if i have on hand~ thank you for your support~! ^^

  9. Hi…good evening Gongjunim and everyone… nice to know you. thanks for share about Goo hye sun’s news to us… I hope every her project always great and succes. As Goo hyesun’s fans I really support her and one of my dream in my life is meet with Goo hye sun,… I hope my dreams not only a dream..hehehe.
    Really big thanks to Gongjunim.

  10. Good afternoon, Gongjunim. I’m too one of the crazy fan of Goo Hye Sun. Can you write about her daily life, childhood, her personality, character every, every thing…? Thank u Gongjunim

  11. Gongjunim and also i heard that there was last 30 min film or movie after Boys over flowers, can you tell where i can find it? tnx a lot

  12. unnie hye sun i’m your fanfic ……… love you

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