Goo Hye Sun Updates Minihompy

Goo Hye Sun has updated her minihompy on December 13 around 3:21am.

She uploaded 7 photos of her when she was at Taiwan on December 12.

She really lives up to the title of “Uljjang” (Good-looking face)!

Simply love her facial expressions! ❤ ^^

(credit –

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun at her minihompy:

7 Responses

  1. she FINALLY updated her cyworld!! Love her manga-like expressions! She was one of the first eoljjangs I knew back then and she still IS but add multi-talented hehe!

  2. hyesun your more gorgeos now!

  3. haha, i don’t know why, but i think she looks quite japanese in her those selca pics above ^^ Really cute~!!!! Fighting….hye sun onnie ^_^

  4. she is indeed more gorgeous now…

  5. what different expressions she puts on her face, still i find her naturally awesome..she doesn`t put on so much effort but still i find her lovable & adorable..
    Hye Sun fighting !!!

  6. i mean whatever different expressions..stand corrected

  7. she’s gorgeus with her new haircut, i wonder what min ho think

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