Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho at 2009 KBS Drama Awards

Gongjunim is back from Korea~! ^^

I have been to Goo Hye Sun’s Gallery Cafe Manolin, Boys over Flowers Shinhwa campus and watched Goo Hye Sun’s directed short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” and 2009 KBS Drama Awards etc…

I will first start on 2009 KBS Drama Awards~

2009 KBS Drama Awards held on December 31 night was definitely a memorable night for Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho! Goo Hye Sun became the top female actress winner with a total of 3 awards – Netizen Award (Female Category), Best Couple Award (with Lee Min Ho) and Excellence Acting Award (Female Category). Lee Min Ho is awarded the Best Newcomer Award (Male Category) and Best Couple Award (with Goo Hye Sun).

Goo Hye Sun giving speech after receiving Netizen Award.

Goo Hye Sun giving speech after receiving Excellence Acting Award.

Everytime when Goo Hye Sun’s name is being announced as the winner, I feel a great happiness for her~! She definitely deserved the awards~! Although some local media bashes on Goo Hye Sun’s attire, I feel she did brought out the “schoolgirl” trend out to all her fellow fans. At first, I did get a shock by her fashion but after observing all, you will definitely feel Goo Hye Sun outshines all with her Shinhwa school attire~! JJang ❤

Not forgetting, I love the chemistry between Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho~! Go Minsun couple! Wishing a great 2010 ahead for both Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho~! ^^

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho at 2009 KBS Drama Awards:

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  1. OMG gongjunim! welcome back!!! wow! can’t wait for your updates from ur trip back in Korea~~ please don’t forget to drop by goo hye sun thread to share it with us!!! WELCOME BACK!!

  2. much as i admire her acting, her outfit is terrible

    • her attire has a purpose, actually she doesn’t want that attire but she believes that wearing that uniform (which made her famous) will make her fans happy to one’s more reminisce the time of BOF…which we all miss a lot…
      for me GHS is a very good model for a lot of young people in not showing a lot of skin….it is also good for the movie producers to have that kind of show and actress/actors which are really very descent…
      thanks GHS for that …

  3. wow!! welcome back gongjunim 😀 hope you had a wonderful time spent for holidays..i`m excited for anything that you`ll share with us on your trip esp. on your visit to Cafe lucky of you to be able to watch “Cheerful Caretaker”..i envy you hehehe

  4. congratulations ! good job.! ypu to deserve that awards oppa jun pyo !more shows to come. onni jan di ! goodluck ! same like gu jun pyo more shows to come.

    kamsahamnida ! sarangahae! ♥

  5. sarang hae min-hoo opaa…..

  6. ive watch the kbs drama awards goo hye sun is wearing her shinwa uniform with head heeled high!!!!garnering 3 awards which hye sun should be proud of……love this lady soooooooooooooooo much!sarangyeo……..

  7. lee min ho is such a handsome ,wholesome guy in this gathering also….he takes care my hye sun>kumawo yi min ho

  8. Hello Gongjunim!! I’ve been following your blog silently unitl now!!! First, thanks for all your posts and news about GHS… she’s someone I admire and that has inspired me very much this last year.

    Congrats to GHS and LMH and hope 2010 is even greater for both!!

    Gongjunim, now that you’ve been to Korea, can you share your travel expirience with us? Hopefully I can travel to Korea later this year! Please!!!! 감사합니다!!!

  9. hi minjee & luvghs~! thank you very much for your warm welcome~ really appreciate ^^ i am still sorting out my photos and some of my other personal stuff… i will need some time before i can start to blog / share more on my trip~

    minjee, i really appreciate your kindness… but i am still a newbie to hye sun’s soompi thread so i may have some difficulties posting there (and i am also scared that i may break the user rules stated there which i am unsure of) so i will choose to write on my blog… hope you can understand~ you may repost over there if you wish to… thank you for your understanding ^^

    hi patz~! thank you for your visits~ really thankful~ no worries i will share my travel experiences on Korea… hope you can give me some time to sort out my stuff first… i will definitely post my experiences ^^ thank you very much for your time ^^

  10. they’re the perfect match… the best couple award suits them. 🙂

    i love them both…

  11. I really love Go Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho. They both deserved the awards and looking forward to see them
    together for next projects.

  12. They just look so cute 2gether. I’ve heard rumors that they’re real couple. But it’s great yet I’m just so jealous coz she got to have MY MIN-HOO OPPA!!!

  13. I saw those picture many times..and realize that GHS (with her shinwa uniform) and LMH like twin brother and sister

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