Korea Travel Diary – Gallery Cafe Manolin (Winter 2009)

Gongjunim with her kooky fashion glasses at main reception of Cafe Manolin ^^

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve (December 24), Gongjunim and her 2 friends went to Seorae Maeul (서래마을) in Banpo-dong in search of Goo Hye Sun’s first gallery cafeGallery Cafe Manolin. The weather was freezing cold but it didn’t stopped my enthusiasm. Finally, we saw Gallery Cafe Manolin from not far away. It gave me a heart warming feel at the first impression.

Slowly, we moved on to the gallery located at first floor. As I opened the door in, the song playing from the gallery’s main sound system was “골목을 돌면” (“Around The Alley”) which is kept in Hye Sun’s first new age music album “Breathe”. Viewing the gallery along with Hye Sun’s music piece was truly a heart fulfilment. One by one, I viewed all the art pieces exhibited in the gallery. The raw power of art illustration by those talented artists have amazed me.

Gongjunim’s favourite art work

My friends moved on to the cafe located at second floor. As I was taking photographs, I followed up behind next. When I entered the cafe, I was greeted by Hye Sun’s brother-in-law. I feel an instant homely feel when I stepped in. There was a phootshoot going on inside the cafe on that day (I am unsure who is the male model). My friend chose the seats on a cosy spot beside the windows. The menu was in full Korean (forgot to take a picture). After looking through the menu, I ordered the assorted pancakes for my friends and green tea latte. While waiting for our orders, I was idling around my seat and almost fell asleep as it was too comfortable~! Soon, the cafe staff came with our food and my beverage. The pancakes were superb and the green tea latte has a heavenly aroma and taste~! ^^ Though the price of the pancakes was slightly steep (W15000), it is definitely worth the price~! ❤

Beautiful window display behind my seat

Assorted pancakes (original, walnut and banana flavours which comes with dips –  ice cream, whipped cream and honey)

Green tea latte (I give it a 5 stars~!)

My friends and I sat and chatted at our seats for some time. And I saw 2 Korean ladies coming in and they sat opposite of us. My friend decided to go to the toilet. And when she came back, she told me the cafe toilet decor was really beautiful. So I went to check out the cafe toilet with my camera. ^^ The toilet was spacious and well-maintained with beautiful tissue box and wall stickers. On my left side, I saw Hye Sun’s art work laid well on the floor. Then, I began to selca inside the toilet. Haha. ^^

Hye Sun’s art work which is kept inside her first illustrations novel “Tango”

After some time, I called for the bill and went to the reception. The lady talked to me in Korean with smiles. And I saw a set of really cute Christmas decors displayed at their cashier register. So I decided to ask if they were for sale. Sadly, they weren’t. ㅠㅠ Before leaving, I went on taking some photos of the interior and exterior of the cafe.

The cute Christmas decors which are kept inside the box ❤

Thinking back now, the most funniest and memorable incident which happened to me was that I almost left my neck scarf inside the cafe~! I ran back the cafe and with the help of the cafe staff, I found it under my chair. I recalled Hye Sun’s brother-in-law looking at me with full amusement. Haha.

I really love the overall concept of Gallery Cafe Manolin~! You’ll get indulged in the cafe atmosphere even Hye Sun isn’t there~ You’ll just feel her presence in the cafe~! It is amazing~ ^^ I’ll definitely visit the cafe again ❤

More photos of Hye Sun’s Gallery Cafe Manolin:

9 Responses

  1. Wow,u r so lucky had a chance to visit that such magnificient place!

  2. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 The food looks yummy! Why was her brother in law there?

    You’re so lucky!!!

  3. hello Gongjunim 🙂
    I am siidudul@soompi.
    I envy you 😀 you’re so lucky!
    hope you wouldn’t mind if I repost it at GHS thread in soompi.

  4. hey gongjunim! i saw ur msg in Goo Hye Sun’s FC spazzbox thanks for visiting there ^^ just feel free to chat with sunnies there ^^ i love reading your blogs! Wow! greeted by Hyesun’s bro-in-law lucky!! love all the pics and you’re cute! thanks for sharing! I hope u don’t mind if I add your Cafe Manolin pictures in the Cafe Manolin section on Goo Hye Sun fanclub! thanks in advance!!

  5. Hi gongjunim,
    Thanks so much for sharing interesting experience ’bout your trip to Cafe Manolin.And I love your photos.Although I have seen a lot of photos taken at Cafe Manolin but u did great job to make me feel jealous and want to visit there so hard,lolz ^^
    BTW, u look cute in the 1st photo. ❤

  6. hi gongjunim,

    wow,i never thought goo hye sun would bring u to korea. how did u know that guy that greeted u was hyesun’s brother inlaw?btw, u look cute in that pictures and all others pictures u’ve taken also awesome!! great job. can u share also with us ur experience attending kbs drama award.did u by any chance see hye sun?

  7. @didi, thank you~ you can go there to have an experience next time too ^^

    @bluebunny, yup the pancakes are really yummy~ hye sun’s bro-in-law is helping her in managing the cafe over there ^^

    @siidudul, sure~ my pleasure ^^ no need to be envious~ you can go there too~ ^^

    @minjee, yup my pleasure ^^ really thankful that you enjoyed reading my blogs ❤ ^^ i will visit hye sun's FC spazzbox more often ^^ thanks~

    @amy, you are welcome~ haha i really hope my blog post will bring more people to gallery cafe manolin~ because it is a cafe with really nice ambience~ ^^

    @cecilia, i'll normally travel to Korea once or twice per year and i have included hye sun's gallery cafe manolin in my schedule this time as it is newly launched so i wanna support her ^^ yes~ i can recognise him (hye sun's bro-in-law) as i saw his picture before ^^

  8. i really like you!!!

  9. gongjunim/sha, thanks so much for sharing with us your experiences in Cafe Manolin..i love the photos..Cafe Manolin is definitely an awesome place..

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