Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho after 2009 KBS Drama Awards

Previously, Gongjunim has blogged on Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho at 2009 KBS Drama Awards.

After getting these photos from a Korean netizen, Gongjunim has decided to write a blog entry on Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho after 2009 KBS Drama Awards. And I striked complete happiness as I began to believe that my favourite 2009 drama Goo-Geum couple has turned into a real-life Min-Sun couple…?

Starting off from the photograph from top, you can see Hye Sun and Minho standing side by side. Initially I didn’t pay much attention on their gestures, but slowly my vision moved on to Minho’s left hand. I was wondering the other hand below Minho’s belongs to. Was he holding the trophy with his other hand? Or the other hand belongs to Hye Sun’s? I am not too sure… ^^ (My sentiments said that it belongs to Hye Sun as the hands are seen gripped together) Haha… ^^

Following with this photograph below, the M.C was congratulating Hye Sun and his hand was seen panting on her left arm. And Minho is looking exactly at the direction where his hand falls on. Is he being protective? I am not too sure too… ^^ (I guess so) Haha… ^^

And this final photo, Minho was seen borrowing mirror from Hye Sun before the live broadcast of the awards ceremony. He was having a final check on his looks before the show starts. ^^

(credit – + 아딸라)


❤ them~! May they continue to soar high in 2010~! ^^

26 Responses

  1. Wowww..i really support this couple..hope its true that they’re are really being couple in real life Min-Sun..they are such perfect cuople 🙂

    wish all the best for the both of them ^^

  2. MINSUN is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!! weeheeeeeee 😀


  4. MinSun oh MinSun LOVE is in the airrrr 🙂

  5. yippieeeee, they are both in love!! God Bless them!!

  6. MINSUN is REAL!! certainly a perfect couple.. 🙂 i love to see them together.. GOD BLESS OUR MINSUN..

  7. MINSUN fighting!! 🙂

  8. LHM sure likes to check himself alot! LOL! 🙂

    I hope these two have a great year!

  9. Miss MinSun! Hope they surprise us soon!

  10. They are just perfect together. Hope will hear good news from them soon! Minsun fighting 🙂

  11. best of luck to our MINSUN this 2010..missing them already..

  12. MINSUN,,, hope it will be real and be proof

  13. love you goo hye sun!!!luve you lee min o

  14. love them both……..hope they will be lovers for real……..

  15. yeah right soar high min ho and hye sun..more projects together please. your numerous fans all over asia are eagerly waiting…stronger relationship for both of you ^^

  16. hehe….so sweeeeeeeeeeet…..i love it

  17. if you are lovers not afraid to announce to the media because we would prefer if you together in real life [LEE MINHO AND GOO HYE SUN] both of us as you’r fans always support you from the back you,just destined to be together Lee’s only Minho Goo hye sun and is owned by Lee minho Goo hye sun.



  19. WHERE CAN YOU SEE GOO HYE SUn in the pictures? I was trying to see what you say you can see, but I can not do it. I can not find her. Sorry!

  20. Handsome boy

  21. You’ve gotta be kidding! Not for a world would I believe they actually have “a thing” going on! No way!!! With Minho’s fame these days, certainly not with Miss G!!!

  22. Smarten up korean producers. Have a follow up drama/comedy for min ho and hye sun. They look good together and really a hot couple. Do another film for them either movie or tv series. We are waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!

  23. Just fabulous….both are soo…perfect match..together 🙂

  24. Hi! Just want to know when we see minsun together again? When we Will see the second season of boys over flowers!!! Wanna see their wedding!!!!

  25. i love minsun forever i wish that have a seson 2 of boys over flowers…..

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