Korea Travel Diary – Boys over Flowers Shinhwa Campus

Gongjunim having fun riding Geum Jandi’s bicycle ^^

On December 30 snowing cold morning, Gongjunim set off with her friend to Cheongnyangni train station. We boarded the 9:00am train towards Yongmun. Our destination is Boys over Flowers Shinhwa Campus which is located at English Village (Yangpyeong Camp). The train journey took 1 hour. When we arrived at the train station, we walked towards the direction of Yongmun Police Station to take a cab to our destination. In less than 10 minutes, we arrived at the gate of the vintage European style looking school.

As the campus was deserted at that time when we arrived, my friend and I just wondered ourselves in. The first stop when I came excited is the signboard which said it is the filming location for Boys over Flowers drama. As we explored further, I reached a shelter area and I found it really familiar. Then I realised this was the place where they filmed the scene of Goo Joon Pyo, So Yi Jung and Song Woobin who were wearing Shinhwa school uniform and walking down while unwrapping and eating lollipop. There were also individual banners of Boys over Flowers drama main cast – Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon displayed at this shelter place. ^^

The shelter where the scene is being filmed ^^

Goo Hye Sun – Geum Jandi ❤ ^^

Lee Min Ho – Goo Joon Pyo ❤ ^^

As we moved on, we saw many nice vintage buildings in the campus. Eventually, we arrived at a corner and we saw Geum Jandi‘s bicycle and a banner board with Boys over Flowers drama scenes. I rode on the bicycle and cycled excitedly. Keke. (The bicycle is locked to the ground. ^^) It was fun nevertheless! And soon, we stumbled upon a building and went in. To my shock, it was the place where they filmed many scenes of Boys over Flowers drama. One scene is where F4 came walking in with their schoolmates screaming. And many more… ^^

  The door area which is filmed inside the drama ^^

The interior design of this building is nice and high class (which I think is the reason it is being chosen as the classroom setting for the drama). As I walked up the stairs to the second level. I saw lockers on my right. And as the lockers were not locked, I opened one to take a look inside. Keke. Overall, I will say it is really an eye-opener to actually relive those drama scenes in real-life.

The school locker ^^

After exploring the interior of this building, we walked out to take a look at other buildings. And I saw a open space with steps. As I recalled, it was actually the filming place where Oh Min Ji accidentally splitted ice-cream on Goo Joon Pyo‘s shoe. As it was all covered with snow and being enclosed, I could not go in. But seeing is good enough. ^^

The open space with steps which is filmed inside the drama ^^

Gongjunim’s favourite photo of Shinhwa Campus ^^

When my friend and I were leaving the campus, we stopped by the main reception (where nobody is around). We found 2 TVs which were playing the scenes from Boys over Flowers drama. We watched for a while and lazed around. And soon, we left the campus. Out of my surprise, my friend gave me a Shinhwa passport book which she took from a box she found nearby the toilet. Keke. There are no pictures of the cast though. Just some of the famous lines which the main cast said inside the drama. ^^

Personally, I am a vintage lover so I fell in love with this beautiful campus instantly~ If you are a fan of Boys over Flowers drama, perhaps you should pay a visit here~ The only con is that it is quite inaccessible when you are leaving. As there are not much cabs coming in, you will need to walk out and it will take you around 20 – 30 minutes to reach the main road… I took it as an exercise though it was freezing. Haha. Overall, it was really a unforgettable experience ❤ ^^

(credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

More photos of Boys over Flowers Shinhwa Campus:

17 Responses

  1. wow..very nice pictures….hope can go to korea someday and see all of it

  2. ohh~ such a beautifull place!!!
    you&the bike- so cute~~~

    谢谢公主! 😀

  3. haha awesome blog entry eoni! you look so cute riding that bike!!! waaah!! 너무 귀엽다 언니야~~~

  4. hi…
    wat a nice experience….hmmm, gongjunim, i would like to ask again if until now, lee min ho and goo hye sun are still seeing each other? are they really a real life couple? plsss…thanks a lot…

  5. im eager to go in korea and personally see all that stuff..:)) love it.!! cute picture

  6. hi green~ well… do not think too much… minho and hye sun are definitely still on good terms now… ^^

  7. ah…..ur so cute…..and ur bike

  8. hi gongjunim!! wow so lucky of u to have visited the shinhwa university.. how i wish I could go there too… ahahha 🙂 btw, mhai here 🙂

  9. nice place..

  10. Hi! Such a cool place! I will be in Seoul next week and will be visiting Yangpyeong camp too! I’m excited! Can we go inside the building even if its a Sunday? Are the posters would still be there? =)

  11. sha, you`re good in taking pics..thanks for sharing..`reminiscing mode for BOF`..my best pick?? you in Jandi`s bike keke love it

  12. Gongjunim… i love your neon pink boots!!

    Thanks for all the goodies!

    Do you have any recomendations on where to stay in Seoul? There’s too much too choose from and since you’ve been there a few times already…

    Have a nice day! ^-^

    Thanks again!

  13. dearies, a BIG thanks to all for your well comments! LOVES <333333333

    @ joy, i am not sure if the building is open on a Sunday… anyway i think it should be open~ you can go check out when u r there? ^^ have fun~!!

    @Patz, thank you~~ <333 sure~ i can recommend u Myeongdong area… my top favourite~ is a nice place and is very convenient… ^^ Namdaemum is also fine ^^

  14. Hi! I got to visit Yangpyeong Camp and I absolutely enjoyed it! Were you not able to go inside the F4 classroom? I can see you have no pictures of the classroom. For me, I went inside it and took pictures of the tables of F4 and even sat on their chairs! =) So glad that our tour guide was really accommodating and he sees to it that I would be able to experience the maximum satisfaction! =)

  15. i wish i could go there…hm…

  16. does anyone know if the campus is still open as of right now for tourist to visit? and are they open on the weekend?

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