Goo Hye Sun Updates Minihompy

Goo Hye Sun has updated her minihompy on February 7 at around 4:18am. She has uploaded 2 photos of hers and fans were all excited and happy.

Here are some fans’ responses from Hye Sun’s cyworld minihompy: 
“Radiant smile~ ^^”
“Totally beautiful keke.”
“Stay healthy and happy always!”
“The strongest babyface!!!”
“The smiling face looks so beautiful.”

“Smile brightly always ^^”

(translation copyrights credit –

Gongjunim: I love her bright radiant smile~! ^^ LOVES <33333333


9 Responses

  1. So cute and adorable!

  2. Sweet smile!

  3. my cutie white doll…
    love you goo hye sun..

  4. no one can beats your angelic face and porcelein skin…stay healthy

  5. thanks sha for sharing the fans` reactions to these new beautiful selca pics..though tired from filming, Hye Sun could still look extra fresh & pretty..

  6. you are so beautiful…………………………..

  7. i wish that you come in the philippines with lee min ho……………

  8. i am a fan of goo hye sun. can anyone give me an info how to contact her? tnx.

  9. hi isabella, i do not have hyesun’s contact~ thanks for visiting my blog~!! ^^

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