Korea Buzz – Director Goo Hye Sun Large-Scale Open Public Recruitment of Extras

(Translated from TV리포트) Actress Goo Hye Sun has opened to the public on large-scale recruitment of extras for her first full-length directed movie “Magic”.

Goo Hye Sun has revealed in her minihompy on the date and time details of the filming venue for her movie’s climax scene (at Goyang City, Ah Ram Noo Ri Theatre, February 21) and she shown positively in the recruitment of extras.

While the movie “Magic” has started on its filming, Goo Hye Sun who has promised her fans that she will definitely be together with her fans in this project, has shown her earnest heart in recruiting extras for the most important scene in her movie.

In particular, on that day, which is also the filming day for the climax scene, the tension between the 3 main leads will also be presented. As compared to other scenes, this scene requires much more preparation.

The official said, “The movie “Magic” is about young musicians who live keenly and on their love and friendship. As to the extent as it is a movie which talks on sacrifices, the filming set is also in a serious atmosphere.” And he also said, “As this is Goo Hye Sun’s first directed full-length movie, she also goes to the extent in drilling the actors in staying focused on their position in the scenes.”

In this movie, Goo Hye Sun undertook 4 roles from script writing, directing, music to acting. For the sake of creating a high-quality movie, Goo Hye Sun with “Speedy Scandal” filming director Kim Joon Young and “Eye for an Eye” lighting director Sim Myeong Jin have came together and they have pushed back other schedules in concentrating on the movie filming.

And also, Goo Hye Sun’s first directed short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) has been officially invited for “Pusan Asian Short Film Festival”, “Bucheon International Film Festival” and “Asiana International Short Film Festival” and received good reviews.

In addition,”The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) received good responses from overseas and it is being invited for screening at “The 3rd China Mobile Film Festival” and the coming “Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival” which is going to be held in Japan in end February.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Goo Hye Sun at her own scene in the movie “Magic” ^^


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