Goo Hye Sun Revamps Minihompy ^^

Goo Hye Sun has revamped her minihompy on February 14 at around 20:18pm! She has changed her minihompy background, uploaded her cyworld storyroom picture and 4 photos (2 selcas and 2 photos from her movie “Magic” filming site)!

I love her lovely adorable background. The background is a cartoon version of her KBS drama “Pure 19” (as you can see on the bottom left-hand corner, there is copyright @ KBSi Pure 19 ^^). Some taglines shown at her background include: “I have no work, I am switching off my thoughts /brain~”, “Drop off all your thoughts~ and live well!!”, “Why did you come?” etc… These classic lines should be from the drama “Pure 19″… ^^

The 2 selcas which Hye Sun has uploaded to her minihompy yesterday ^^

Some fans’ responses at her minihompy:
“It is really Hye Sun eoni who is the most pretty keke”
“Eoni please keep long hair keke Long hair looks pretty”
“Definitely is Hye Sun eoni~ Female Goddess ♡”
“Noona you are the prettiest hahaha”
“I really envy your white skin~”
“Happy Lunar New Year!!! ^^”

(translation copyrights credit –

Hye Sun has also posted recruitment for extras for her movie and uploaded 2 photos of herself at the filming site of her movie “Magic”. ^^

Gongjunim: LOVES <3333333333333333 ^^

2 Responses

  1. I Heart this Lady !!!~~ <333333333 teeheeeeeee~~

  2. totally love her cyworld updates!!! glad her hair is long again even if its extensions…maybe its for the yubari festival on the 26th..can’t wait to see her there!!

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