Goo Hye Sun Updates Minihompy

Goo Hye Sun has updated her minihompy today! ^^

She uploaded 6 photos of herself and also with Oguri Shun in Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2010. ^^ Her fans were all happy on her uploads to her minihompy and left many well messages for Hye Sun.

Her short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) was invited for screening under Korean Film category. The event started from February 25 for a period of 5 days to March 1 and it was held at Yubari, Hokkaido. According to media report, Hye Sun has flown there on February 25 and participated in the film festival till February 27 and returned back to Korea.  

During the Yubari Film Festival, Goo Hye Sun met up with Oguri Shun who acted the role “Hanazawa Rui” in the Japanese version Hana Yori Dango drama.

(credit –

Goo Hye Sun sharing a conversation with Oguri Shun

I love Hye Sun’s smile here! ❤ ^^

More photos uploaded at Hye Sun’s minihompy on February 28:


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    we will send it to YG and Starhaus ,i hope u will share it to all minsuner to sign this petition and support our minsun..thx before 🙂

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