Korea Buzz – Shoo’s Wedding Photographs With S.E.S Members Eugene and Bada Revealed!

(Translated from 한경닷컴) Actress Shoo who is going to wed basketball player Im Hyo Sung in this coming April, has revealed her bride-in-preparation blissful wedding photographs.

In particular, the reveal of wedding photographs taken together with S.E.S members Eugene and Bada has attracted many attention. The 3 members gathered together just like when they are doing activities as S.E.S group in the earlier days. Each of them radiate their own charms and it is all shown in the beautiful wedding photographs.

And also, Eugene and Bada are preparing a surprise present for the wedding ceremony of Shoo and it has drawn many interest towards it.

Shoo will hold her wedding with basketball player Im Hyo Jung at Seoul Gangnam Renaissance Hotel on April 11.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

A lovely 3-members wedding photograph:

More wedding photographs of Shoo together Eugene and Bada:

Their friendship is so sweet as ever~! May Shoo stay blissful always~!


3 Responses

  1. aww it’s nice to see the trio still have a strong bond!! congrats to shoo eoni!! and EUGENE looks soooo pretty!

  2. soo pretty, wedding pictures and bridesmaids dressed in white and laces..ahh my favourite of all!!

  3. Eugene looks slimmer now than during the Save the Last Dance days…

    She still very pretty…

    Really, really hope to see her and Ji Sung do another project.

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